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This is “Matt”. Matt is Every Single One of Us.


This is “Matt”. Matt is the guy down the street whose kid plays Little League with yours.  He is courteous and helpful.  So, of course, he works at getting your ‘shades of blue’ reconciled in the paint department at Lowe’s.  Matt could be your neighbor, or you.  The truth is that Matt is every single one of us.  “Matt” is actually my friend Jeffrey, an actor living in Los Angeles, a very funny comedian, an intellectual pundit (when he chooses to be) and a man with a laugh that fills rooms with joy.  Jeffrey has been diagnosed with cancer, stage 2 lymphoma to be precise, and at present he is being squeezed in the middle like a tube of toothpaste by a grossly negligent ‘system’ and the people employed by it who have zero sense of humanity. I am mad as Hell over all of it.

The name of his insurance company matters, it’s Molina Health.  With ‘our’ shareholder, profit-driven, horribly broken, healthcare system in the United States the truth is that what is happening to Jeffrey could happen to any of us and our loved ones. It also matters that his insurance company hangs up on him. It matters that the administrative staff tell him that his premium will quadruple if he ‘wants’ home care for changing the dressing on the tube sticking out of his arm (sepsis being a real possibility) where he is hooked up to receive his chemo. It matters that I escalate and help seems imminent only to have some drone of an administrative staff person deflect and say it will take two weeks. It matters that appointments are made and cancelled due to software, and human errors and then the humans charged with delivering this news are devoid of humanity. It matters because the stress of dealing with getting healthy on your own (even with a supportive tribe) is enormous. It matters that his first oncologist failed to speak a single word to him in the nine weeks immediately following his diagnosis and never prescribed anti-nausea pills with the host of others which he did prescribe.  Jeffrey’s second oncologist is amazing. Despite the fact that I am a non-relation he has taken my call to problem solve aspects related to Jeffrey’s treatment from Sweden where I am currently.

Which brings me to two components of the health insurance storyline in the United States; employer supported efforts like those which “Matt” as an employee of Lowe’s enjoys (really amazing benefits which should prompt all of you reading this to vote with your wallet and shop at your local Lowe’s ‘just because’) and the idea of a single-payer system such as our Canadian neighbors and those in the Nordics enjoy. On this day, with TrumpCare effectively dead, the reality of a single-payer health care system in the United States has risen like Fawkes in Harry Potter.

Let me remove any ambiguity, I have a couple of issues with the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) but neither have to do with the fact that it came to fruition under our 44th President; the first is that it didn’t go far enough and the second being its mandate to be purchased under penalty.  If we have sufficient financial resources to wage seemingly endless war across the planet then Americans of every stripe should have universal healthcare on par with what our federally elected officials enjoy. And if that can’t be done then our elected officials should have that benefit voided.

How do we get to a single-payer health care system to the universal benefit of 330 million Americans and put the United States on par with other first world nations? Well, California, where my friend Jeffrey lives, ever the ‘test the water’ state for public policy adoption has a viable solution called The Healthy California Act. Evidently this legislation has broad support on both sides of the political aisle in La-La Land but one man has blocked it from advancing, and there is a reason for that. Actually there are about 475,000 reasons in the form of contributions from the Political Action Committees of health insurance companies and their executives to Speaker of the Assembly Anthony Redon re-election campaign.  Redon is a perfect example of the systemic violation of the masses by a corrupt politician bought and paid for by the highest bidders for his favor.

SB-562 The Healthy California Act.

The passage of a single-payer system in California, or nationally, wouldn’t put insurers out of business but the resulting shifts in the market would demand agility that insurance companies are not generally known to possess. A model which offers premium coverage in lieu of, or as a supplement to, a single-payer system would still provide considerable revenue – with a healthier demographic contributing to shareholder value.  Policies which would allow customers choices in taking advantage of medical tourism opportunities around the world should also be considered. The increasing perception of health insurers places them at odds with the humankind they are supposed to be serving – essentially sentencing their policy holders to death when costs become inconvenient and expensive. When we make a conscious choice to deny protection and participation by our most vulnerable we can no longer claim to be an advanced or civil society. The costs are too high when we lose our compassion and willingness to step forward and be part of the solution rather than remain part of the problem.

Critically we need to dislodge ourselves from the ‘us vs. them’ mindset that is so pervasive in any conversation about health insurance, healthcare and providing a path forward for all of our citizens. Universal peace of mind around the most fragile aspect of living our lives fully and completely should not even be a question in 2017.

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Dorian Gray, President Obama – it’s still corruption

Our inboxes – a fascinating place where society and culture converge

Wow, you’re absurdly beautiful and fascinating 🙂 And, at least it seems, rather open-minded. A perfect combination. Would love to find out more 🙂 And I read your profile, even the questions / answers. My grandpa is from Croatia! 


So, I visit his profile and he lives in Boston (where I made my home for a decade) and respond:

Dec 11, 2013 – 2:07pm

I am BLUSHING – true! Jack (is this your real name is?) there is not a woman (of any age) that doesn’t wish to read that she is BOTH absurdly beautiful and fascinating – but when it comes from a man that is 21, and looks like a movie star from the 1950s? um, how do I EVEN respond? Dear God what did I do today to deserve such manna from heaven? Perhaps as you complete your profile and we’ll have more in common than the fact that I lived in Boston for a decade and your grandfather comes from where I hope to make the next chapter of my life – swimming in the Adriatic on a nearly daily basis! You are a wonder – thank you for your gift, here, this comes to thank you in the only way I know how, a nod to your heritage and the city where you live: http://wp.me/p3A6uH-E9

Dec 11, 2013 – 2:10pm

Wow, thanks for your amazing message 🙂 I’m really glad you like it 😛 Would love to take you out next time I’m in Croatia, or before then, even! 🙂 


It should be noted I am not a cougar, and the conversation continues via IM chat– condensed and modestly edited

(2:10:42pm)jb017:would love to take you out next time I’m in Croatia

(2:11:48pm)MyLifeIsLove:You can’t even imagine how much I am blushing right now! Oh, thank you for your message Jack

(2:12:07pm)jb017:Really? 🙂

(2:12:08pm)MyLifeIsLove:really, OMG yes

(2:12:16pm)jb017:You’re so beautiful! I can’t stop looking at your photos

(2:12:21pm)MyLifeIsLove:really blushing like a 16 year old

(2:12:23pm)jb017:Have you ever been with someone younger like myself? 😛

(2:12:25pm)MyLifeIsLove:LOL, sigh


(2:12:39pm)MyLifeIsLove:not “that” much younger

(2:12:50pm)jb017:Haha 🙂 But you look like you’re 20!

(2:13:11pm)MyLifeIsLove:LOL, no suntanning, seaweed on my face at least weekly since I was 12, very little alcohol consumed

I am sure you are all reading this and assuming that I, the older woman by 30 years, would be the one being an unduly corrupting influence on the moral fiber of this much younger man and, you would be wrong! I stumbled into Fifty Shades of Grey because I failed to read his Q&A prior to the rapid migration from ‘nice note to IM chat’ and I should know better! Anyway…

(2:13:46pm)jb017:nice 🙂 how young was he? 😛 And are you really the best kisser ever? I love great kissers.

(2:15:12pm)MyLifeIsLove:I will be 53 in Feb so Christian would have been 25 or 26 at the time

(2:15:29pm)MyLifeIsLove:I am going to write a sentence, and then you are going to read it, then close your eyes, okay?


(2:18:57pm)MyLifeIsLove:It’s dusk over Boston harbor, returning from the North Shore under motor sail at 5 knots, the Champagne sits sweating in rivulets, a glass in each of their hands, he leans down and takes her face on one hand, thumb against her mouth, takes her glass from her, sets it down next to his, and cuts the engine, his other hand is in her hair, and he sweeps her to his chest and tips his head to meet her mouth – parted, breathless waiting for his mouth to meet hers, the air between their mouths is as if coloured with the phosphorus that skips along the bowsprit, he wants to consume her, but she holds him in this tension to breath his scent to fall under the spell of the moment, there is nothing but the sound of their shared heartbeat and breaths. Now, you can close your eyes Jack


(2:23:22pm)jb017:wow…so amazing, i would love that…

(2:24:43pm)MyLifeIsLove:if you learn to think like this, then you can kiss like that

(2:28:21pm)jb017:I’ve been imagining your kiss

(2:31:05pm)jb017:you’re a dream come true

(2:32:02pm)MyLifeIsLove:Jack you have to cut me a break

I was not trying to seduce this man, but recognise that understanding all the potential of what a kiss can be, even when it isn’t yet a kiss, is vastly different than ‘what follows’.

(2:32:07pm)jb017:🙂 My only fear is that I’m too kinky for you 😛

(2:33:00pm)MyLifeIsLove:LOL, how can you know “enough” at 21 to be to know enough to be kinky??

(2:33:50pm)jb017:Hahaha 🙂 I do

(3:18:54pm)jb017:I’m here, baby 🙂 been looking at your photos and having naughty thoughts 😛 love your legs, sexiest legs ever

(3:19:58pm)MyLifeIsLove:this I doubt but thank you

(3:20:08pm)jb017:Would love them around me 🙂

(3:20:15pm)MyLifeIsLove:whoa, you cut to the chase, blushing, again

(3:20:36pm)jb017:Sorry 🙂 Couldn’t help it

(3:21:05pm)MyLifeIsLove:I suppose I really am flattered (on some level) but “in my world”

(3:21:22pm)jb017:Haha 🙂

(3:21:28pm)MyLifeIsLove:(or rather my idealised world) one gets the entwined limbs at least after dinner

(3:28:27pm)MyLifeIsLove:omg, I just got to your wingspan image in the pool, good God how long are your arms?

(3:29:12pm)jb017:very long 😉 very nice fingers

(3:29:17pm)MyLifeIsLove:beautiful btw, that dimple of yours is killer!

(3:29:46pm)jb017:thanks 😉

(3:30:54pm)jb017:gosh, I’d love to put you in doggie position, spread your ass and lick your asshole, deep and long, tongue all in 😉 there, i said it 🙂 sorry if i shocked you

(3:32:03pm)MyLifeIsLove: you are correct you do know more than I do how can you be 21 and KNOW THIS STUFF? and know that you like this?

(3:32:25pm)jb017::P, yeah 🙂

Right now, you are wondering what this has to do with the President of the United States – I would like to know who put him in the doggie position or if he really thinks that he is going to put the whole world in the same and ‘take us from behind’.  Right now, I am reminded of the 17th century Darien Company debacle in Scotland – but it’s worse, much, much worse.

The Darien Scheme, as it came to be known, tied up about 25% of the money circulating in Scotland on a speculative colonization investment in Panama which was beset by everything that could go wrong and did; subsequently bankrupting the Scottish aristocracy who, in turn, sold their country cheap to England to eliminate their debt in the form of the signing of the Treaty of Union which successfully eliminated Scottish sovereignty for 300 years. In reverse, this is about to happen to every country in Europe and the Pan-Pacific Rim; pay attention here people!

The President of the United States (I am so angry I can’t even type his name) and a team of bureaucrats under confidential NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and God only knows who outside of the government (or how much our President has clearly been bought and paid for) have drafted the most comprehensively evil piece of international trade legislation ever written – it’s called The Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement and in Europe the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) and everyone, everywhere should watch this video to understand the power it would give multi-national corporations over the sovereignty of nations and the citizens of our world, it is truly terrifying! I have never considered myself an extremist or a protestor; if you had told me a Imageyear ago I would actually agree with Julian Assange about anything I would have told you that you were insane, but thank God for Wikileaks and Anonymous and all those ‘rabble-rousers’ bent upon transparency and toppling corruption!  I’d like to know what happened to the man who gave us “The Audacity of Hope” because right now, between the juvenile behavior of taking a selfie and openly flirting (in front of the world and his wife) at Nelson Mandela’s funeral and the after-party images with George Bush, we seem to be bearing witness to the corruption of Dorian Gray under the tutelage of Lord Henry Wotton – only none of us know who Wotton is as it comes to Barack Obama (and that is even scarier).

Libertines have always held a kind of morbid fascination for writers, and right now the morally bankrupt of our society at the highest level have EVERYTHING in common with John Wilmot, the 2nd Earl of Rochester, Vicomte de Valmont of Pierre ImageChoderlos de Laclos’ 18th century masterpiece Les Liaisons dangereuses, and a young man whose conversation with me you read above I just met on OKCupid (21, over 6’2”, dimpled and simply ridiculously handsome) and sadly who, steeped in the consummation of (vast) sexual experience, seems will sacrifice the sublime pleasure of sensuality and tenderness and possibility of ever realizing true love makes me think of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde’s 19th century protagonist – where Dorian wistfully expresses, as the portrait capturing his perfect youth is complete, his willingness to sell his soul to ensure that the portrait would assume the corruption realised as he pursues heightened levels of debauchery yet remains ever youthful and perfect.

The libertine used to be solely concerned with the corruption of youthful, virginal, feminine flesh and then their riotous immorality transcended to include opium dens and debauchery encompassing both sexes in group orgies under Oscar Wilde’s pen – what concerns me, silencemakes me angrier than I have ever been about any politician, is the secrecy in which these documents have been drafted over the course of the last 7 years. I am repulsed by the arrogance that assumes that we, the citizens of the world, will simply bend over an take it doggie fashion while unknown C-level executives of multinational corporations do the same to Barack Obama to migrate even more wealth into the 1%. I don’t care where you live, and as I am blessed to have readers in 67 countries as of this date, but I beg you to cease being silent – contact your legislators at the federal level, join organised (peaceful) civil disobedience demonstrations, sign one of these petitions and get vocal on social media, NOW!