Wisdom from a distance

Because you NEVER EVER KNOW for sure where the message for self-care will come from, or how it will manifest. We are the recipient and the messenger, and, in the multi-dimensional planes in which we live simultaneously sometimes we are both – at-one-ment.

Kirstie sivapalan

I’ve gotten used to a certain level of energy over the last month or so.  It seems that gallstones have their benefits.  Today, though, I was more tired than I’d like and as tomorrow is going to be a big day I convinced myself to rest.  More often that not this is not how my inner Aries wants to spend the day…

When I had my last prolonged relapse of M.E I remember a friend saying to me that even the smallest thing I could do that day is a great achievement.  I needed to readjust my measurement of achievement because my ego had been setting the pace and it was time to take direction from elsewhere.

Most of these tired days I remind myself of this but some days, especially when it has followed full and physical energetic days, it’s more difficult to hear. Luckily, a voice from the…

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