900 steps to Ascension

angel bath england abbey

Bath Abbey, England

I read somewhere, and cannot find a means to attribute the words, ‘sometimes I can hear my bones straining under the weight for all the lives I am not living’.  Basic survival modes and the confines of the ordinariness of our lives somehow make us perceive that we are not ‘going anywhere’ but even angels, sometimes, need help getting to where they most need to be, angels, after all, are mostly up in the heavens.

We almost beg for dramatic disruption, something to knock us down like over-sized dominoes, flame then turn to ash and force our resilient and truer self to rise again like a phoenix.  But, if you think about it, each day is an opportunity to exert our will over the circumstances we chafe against. Each day we can move forward with something running parallel to purpose and calling, to be more authentic, happier, fulfilled and set greater examples for our children to not simply exist but truly live – do we answer? Or do we make judgments and excuses for not exploring the great swath of possibilities?

“The gift of willingness is the only thing that stands between the quiet desperation of a disingenuous life and the actualization of unexpressed potential.” ~ Jim McDonald 

“The man who is not frightened of life is not frightened of being completely insecure for he understands that inwardly, psychologically, there is no security…When there is no security there is an endless movement and then life and death are the same…The man who lives without conflict, who lives with beauty and love, is not frightened of death because to love is to die.”   ~ J. Krishnamurti

With various dialogues about reaching heaven, paradise and nirvana (and apologies to the multitude of religions which promise a hereafter for the faithful not represented by these three destinations) I thought it might address the common bond of ascension represented across the board – but with real consequences for experiencing rapture while still living!

This morning my girlfriend Jocelyne Costa made an astonishing gift to her Facebook peeps of this video – each one of us will see something different, which is to be expected, but what I see is not surfersimply physical dexterity and excellence in surfing, or the gorgeous unpolluted waters, or frankly the stunning photography.  What I see is touching the infinite possibilities of our fragile human existence with passion; I see, ascension.  We tend to think of ascension as a path to something above us, either in the scaling of the tallest mountains in the world or to ‘actually’ have our souls rise to the heavens.  Shift your thinking for a moment – minus any religious conviction you hold dear.  What if instead of thinking that ascension was only in what lies above us we recognised that ascension could be a place achieved in attitude, a place that is both physical and spiritual? Becoming so unified in experience and place, merging and manifesting an emotional response so overwhelming as to be powerimpossible to express?  I think the Japanese word Yugen is a perfect way of defining ascension. The path to ascension (for all of us) is possible simply by training ourselves to live in state of a heightened awareness to become one with the physical space around us – if only fleetingly. Ascension can be going down into, as well as rising up simultaneously. Look at these two pictures of staircases –

Spiral staircase in Sintra, Portugual

ascension Jonathan Luedee bringing light to darkness Stockholm

Jonathan Luedee bringing light to darkness Stockholm

Light, commonly thought of part of the heavens is present in both, a reflection of the sun in the bottom of the spiral staircase in Portugal and the man-made light (against the darkness of a Stockholm winter). The photographers’ perspective fools your eye into believing that in Stockholm the man is ascending the stairs when in fact he is descending. Like our eye, the essence of our being conforms to what is most comfortable, ascension being perceived as something lofty, inaccessible, for the intrepid or the dead guided by white light.  Ascension come from the word ascend and one of the definitions of the latter is: “to go toward the source or beginning; go back in time.”

The at-one-ment I often write of, the connection of all things bound in universal love that has no end, many prophets, and which is infinitely possible for anyone to reach is in based in light, walking toward it, sitting in it, touching it with our hand or our hearts. 

What I love, love, LOVE about this light installation of Miguel Chevalier’s in Morocco’s Sacre Couer (stunning video) is its accessibility.  We tend to believe, because of early ascension Imagetheosophical beliefs, as much as architecture and stained glass windows to inspire awe and control masses, that “the Light” is above but we are reminded by Chevaliers’ work “as above, so below”.  Light dwells within the Earth and each living thing upon it – Chevalier has brought the use of light down from lofty regions (where most of us will never find ourselves in a conscious human state) and made ascension accessible.

It is a decision to dwell in the light, to pull the beauty into ourselves and let it vibrate and heal us and then release it as something more powerful so that it may continue its perpetual journey into the universe.  Every second of every day we make a choice to live in that light or to merely exist. The choice, the willingness to truly love is to prove that we are not frightened of life, and are equally unafraid of death because they are the same…


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