I know you

I know you

rarely, but sometimes, your absence is felt keenly – not that I cry, not that I lament

between what was, then lost and the dream, a reality waiting to be – again

I know you, but in this lifetime

I have never looked in your eyes, never tasted your kiss, felt the stroke of your hand across my skin

or the power of your flesh parting mine and merging into oneness

yet, sometimes, I feel you as a sheltering physical presence as I sleep, your breath moves my hair and raises goose flesh

and when I consciously long for you, whoever you are, wherever you live, and cannot find sleep

I imagine you spooned against my back, warm solidity

your arm beneath my neck where, when I wake, a constellation can be made connecting the freckles near my cheek

I know you, the sound of your whispers and laughter, how you read to a child

I can hear your thoughts and nod in affirmation, smile, wonder

Yes, even beneath the turquoise dappled in gold reaching the depths I know you,

I see you stretching out to push the oceans waters past you

crystalline droplets on your naked body as you lay on a stone warmed by the sun man in surf

I know the boy you were, the man you are, will immediately recognise you old or young – once the universe aligns

until then, know this

my heart, it has always been yours

I will wait for you

ten thousand lifetimes if need be rather than compromise, to live with less than what I know is ours alone

this sacred trust I keep


I know you

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2 thoughts on “I know you

  1. @TeresaFritschi Post author

    Initially I treated your comment as I have all the previous ones, as spam! But then I got to thinking about it and decided that since you have been relentless in your cyber-pursuit of me as well as hiring private detectives, calling my friends and family to make contact with me, sending letters pledging your undying love that “enough was enough” ~ so, your name is here, to be seen, and dear readers should there be any doubt Mr Griliches is the subject of my post entitled “An Open Letter to My Stalker!” you can read more here: https://www.facebook.com/jennifer.sertl/posts/10204036084245142


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