The Four Freedoms vs Super Bowl Sunday

WARNING: This is my 100th blog post. I am grateful for readers in 87 countries.  This going to be uncomfortable, but you should read it. You should take the time to click through each link and understand and then you should share it on Twitter and Facebook and via email because the sporting event you are so excited to be watching is a wasteland of ethical depravity. 

Today is the annual excuse for $4m USD to be spent on a 30 second ad (before actual production costs), and approximately 30 million pounds of junk food to be consumed (you know the stuff that has virtually zero nutritional value and is basically ‘fake food’ Imagelargely made from GMO and unpronounceable chemical combinations) which represents a whopping 1,200 calories and 50 grams of fat in snacks alone per person (before beer, cocktails, and main event eating such as pizza, chicken wings, ribs and sliders.  To put this into perspective the average person in Eritrea consumes not only less than ½ of the calories per day as the average American but less than the RDA of 2000 calories and has to spend a greater percentage of their annual income on their food – 55% vs 6.9%

Today also realizes, as 400,000 men arrive in the Greater Metropolitan New York City Imageand New Jersey Area, sex-trafficking ~ as U.S. Sen. John McCain’s wife, Cindy, has been speaking out, […] the “largest human-trafficking venue on the planet.”  More than 27 million people in the world today are enslaved. (The average age a girl enters into prostitution in the U.S. is 13.) I ask you to watch this video brought to you by the END IT MOVEMENT – take their pledge – and realise it’s all too easy for this to happen to your sister, daughter, niece, mother and your wife but also your son, nephew and brother.

And, last year found some $99m USD circulated as bets on the outcome on the gridiron – yes, today is The Super Bowl. I want to hit the PAUSE button, Big Time. Just think about what $99million USD could do to eradicate hunger with real food for kids with too little to Imageeat – in a country where 1 in 5 kids is hungry and shouldn’t be!

It’s not that I don’t appreciate a ‘good time’ and I do realise that everyone’s definition of such is different but it strikes me with the immergence of various petitions calling out the inequities, injustices, and tax exempt status (which I didn’t know about and I ‘bet’ 300 million other Americans didn’t either ) of the $9b USD National Football League there is something very wrong about all of this excess and special privilege.

ImageOh, I know, what I am writing about makes me a wet blanket on what amounts to nearly a national holiday – but when did we stop caring about EVERY PERSON actually realising a life based upon Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s ‘rights of mankind’ in his 1941 State of the Union speech?

Nearly 75 years later, how is it that our collective cycles of growth and development that Freedom of Fear has not been banished from the experience of everyone of the worlds’ citizens?

That the indigenous people of the United States, abused and murdered, condemned to tiny patches of Earth of what once was theirs to revere and tend, denied their beliefs of holding the spirituality of Mother Nature in trust for seven generations in the future by the very Europeans who fled persecution and set about building a new life and embrace another of the Four Freedoms which is to be able to worship. Abuse that continues to this day in the denial of Indian Treaties and the use of offensive racial stereotypes – yes, I am pointing out the use by the NFL team the Washington Redskins. 

We, The People (everywhere) have had enough! The suppression of speech, in combination with all the other ills that demand that we ‘take to the streets’, isn’t an issue in Norway or in Iceland which only tells me that special interests are controlling more of what makes a society weak than what our Founding Fathers envisioned “in order to form a more perfect union”.

Those of you who are sitting in your Lazy Boy, standing in the local sports bar or are actually at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium screaming at the game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos will probably never even see this – one of you who does should make they do, and help them to understand what their cheers really mean in the broader aspect of our society.



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