Dirty Dancing, Venn Diagrams, Epigenetics and (surprise) Davos

The cherished 1987 film Dirty Dancing comes to mind with its most memorable line uttered by protagonist Johnny Castle (as played by Patrick Swayze who evidently initially hated the line) at the end of the film:

“Nobody puts Baby in the corner”

I can remember thinking at the time, and every single time I hear one of the songs from the film, we all need to be seen for whom we really are and valued for the traits that make us unique and amazing, to not pass judgment or to stereotype based upon appearances or circumstances. ImageAnd yes, sometimes that means to stand out in public and do something unexpected, loud and wonderful to own our potential greatness.  I don’t mean to make it sound simplistic, I know it isn’t.  Like many of you reading this I have experienced exclusion.  In the grand scheme of things these are trivialities, less than the weight of a single snowflake but with each subsequent incident I am reminded of feeling like I was not good enough. Oh, but the snowflake created in a state of optimal frequency is a truly beautiful thing – the others, not so much.

Right now a triviality that six months or a year from now will be (I hope) forgotten, pains me.  I have puzzled about my reaction for 24 hours, had a disturbed sleep as a result (writing most of this subconsciously and during REM sleep), and I am still not sure if it hurts because it was shared on social media in the first place or because my primary role in this event was kept anonymous even as my company was promoted. I wasn’t seeking a shout-out, still wouldn’t be comfortable with this gesture as this was after all a rather private expression from my heart; but  if I am to be completely honest the public sharing of my gesture (sans moi) feels as if to know me is some source of embarrassment to this person rather than the bragging right of my own perception of a friendship rich with shared intimacies.  In reacting both viscerally and intellectually I started thinking first about my personal history of being excluded and then about the concept and acts of inclusion and exclusion in our greater society and the impact of such on our world.

I mention this out of confusion mostly, because I try to make my life function like a Venn Diagram – everyone’s individual circle finding something in common with at least some of those other circles, and then in the middle something (or someone) which connects it all.  ImageMy mother once said “your Christmas parties are like Chamber of Commerce mixers” – (ouch?)  But shouldn’t life kind of be like that? Throwing a vast mix of people together who touch our lives, physical and virtual, all different, all with the potential of complementary, contrasting and overlapping interests, all of whom, because the centre circle of a Venn Diagram – that is to say you (or me), find some path to synergy that might not otherwise be discovered?  I have found that with three amazing, yet very different, individuals – my new business partners in Croatia, as a result of tossing them into a virtual room together.

OH YES, I do recognise that just because we, at the centre, would like everyone to see what we see in the others languishing or dynamically participating fostering change, that collaboration and cooperation isn’t always possible (though another well-meaning friend raps me verbally on the fingers for my absolute unwillingness to deal with disruptive people who don’t also possess a degree of integrity and a positive attitude).  I maintain that learning to listen to that little bird in our gut and cut our losses, no matter how uncomfortable dealing with a situation might be, will only serve to foster greater productivity and harmony on a global basis.

Under the study of epigenetics all of our experiences embed their coding (positive or negative) into our cellular memory and create Imageresonance that multiplies; with each subsequent painful exclusion our being is diminished of its ability to function at its optimal frequency.  The dis-ease which so many chafe against is the direct result of cellular dissonance rather than harmonic resonance.  It’s why the discussions taking place in Davos, Switzerland this week are so important. With a mere 85 people on a global basis have assets equal to the world’s 3.5 billion poorest there is something very wrong and the genetic code of suffering is passed to future generations like a predisposition to diabetes or cancer.

Davos (though I have not been invited and doubtful would “fit in”) is kind of like the fictional resort in the Catskills of Dirty Dancing, powerful people talking about, mixing with the “underclasses” (at least hypothetically) and messing with ordinary lives struggling to survive or simply to live with what happiness and joy is allotted to the masses while they arrive in private jets, sip Champagne and sleep on high thread count sheets. I am not denying the Swiss the financial windfall – though it seems to me that for what is spent on meeting and talking about solving the worlds’ problems could find greater value in actually solving some of the worlds’ problems.

Let’s go back to the the snowflake because – surely someplace such as Davos, Switzerland has Imagemillions of beautiful ones – the six ancient Solfeggio frequencies used in the composition of Gregorian chant

UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear

RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change

MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)

FA – 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships

SOL – 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition

LA – 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order

created the snowflakes at right.  Let’s stop excluding people, let’s create resonance and inclusion and beauty. Any bright mathematicians and bio-researchers out there care to apply their talents to fine tune humanity using these frequencies and lifting people up out of poverty and healing our planet in the process

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