Nine Maidens

ImageEvery woman, often long denied, is struggling with her goddess nature.  Unless you have read my words for a while in reading this sentence you might be inclined to assume that I am referencing outward physical beauty; I am not.

Cate Blanchett is striking a note about the ultimate state of feminine in her appearance as Giorgio Armani’s spokeswoman for Si fragrance – I am not talking about how stunning Anne Fontaine and the supporting crew present her, no, rather the string of words we are invited to say yes (Si) to that I am referencing.

Meryl Streep, invited to introduce Hillary Clinton, opens her remarks with a poignant statement about how hard women are on each other, how we check out one another’s jackets – the jacket being both figurative and literal.  Ms. Streep points out how we judge the clothing and shoes, hairstyle and makeup, how thin (or not) she is, how straight and white her teeth, how beautiful her complexion, we speculate about whether she’s ‘had work done’, if she falters in the air of confidence she lends, the command of her subject matter (as well as the scope of intellect) and then, often simultaneously, we compare all of ‘her’ to ourselves. Placing a value of our own person (higher or lower) against our filters of perception of the other woman – so-very-unfair-to-each (let alone how men evaluate our beauty and how only the most exquisite physical examples of the feminine seem to be worthy of them regardless of their visage).

As if the competitive landscape wasn’t already fierce enough a Tedx speaker encourages practicing seduction – which taken out of the cultural context of Communist Cuba where women are not dealing with airbrushed perfection is even more dangerous than the stupidity of fashion designers sketches for clothing and what the women would look like if real (not even remotely attractive).

Lunacy Game
“What if instead of drugging, shocking, tying down our Mad Women, we put Them in warm tubs of water naked as babies and got in there with Them and cooed and encouraged Them to cry great salt tears, to grieve the passing of dreams, the rape of the soul? What if we rocked Them to sleep in giant hammocks of competent fat arms when They were too damn exhausted with keeping up pretenses or holding up Their heads any longer? What if we agreed with Her that the whole world is fucking crazy, out of balance, and that SHE is not to blame for the halt and the lame, the lack of food, the phone not being answered, the port wine stains on babies, the wars on every continent of the globe?

What if we gave Her a baseball bat (none of this nerf shit impotent harm none foam battaca bat bullshit, but a solid wood bone-cracking put a goddamn lump on it BASE FUCKING BALL BAT) and let her slam every post stump wall door window house car in an arena where She is cheered on to a frenzy? Then let’s pick Her up when she falls down exhausted and foaming and take Her down to the locker room for a steam bath and massage that leave her noodle limp and rage-less for the first time in decades.”
Dina Kerik, quoted in We’Moon Calendar, 1997

We walk around wounded and maligned because for far too long we, the powerful feminine that give life to everything (even if we have not had children of our own), have been subjugated, abused, discounted in the face of masculine, destructive, sometimes predatory energy.

In contrast, my girlfriend Jennifer emailed, I’ll ping you later for a dose of your beautiful smile.” and as a way of ever so subtly shouting out her appreciation for our friendship, Tweeted this morning: 

“New LEGO game focuses on girl friendships  via @usatoday cc @TeresaFritschi

My response:  #NewWorldOrder @JenniferSertl if #gamers would create to instill #compassion#meditation #kundalini & @goldieblox

ImageA brilliant social media contact of mine shared this image (at left) on her Facebook page this morning and I was flooded with respect energy for the trio without even the need to understand their backstory.  Then another social media contact shared Mark Harrison’s post about Divine feminine energy (Kundalini) and I thought of Stuart McHardy’s fantastic book about his own quest to discover the origins (and Imageremnants) of the Nine Maidens mythology which, lead me to this breathtaking image of an old woman by Finnish photographic artists Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen – is this woman not gorgeous? Evocative of divine energy and all wisdom? I don’t know about you but I would love to sit with her and learn of her life, what she has learned and seen and fill myself with the twinkle behind those brilliant blue eyes of hers! My girlfriend Brigitte swam in 5 degree C water this morning to ‘celebrate’ her birthday, that is a distinctly goddesslike behavior challenge, a something from ‘the ancients’ smackdown to be ‘more’ elevated.  My girlfriend Kanika, back home visiting her family in India, sends me Reiki energy and in return I send her a kiss on her 3rd eye.  My girlfriend Hilal in Istanbul suggests that she will sleep on the floor when I visit her and her elderly mother, my new friend Marijana in Zagreb offers a sweeping range of hospitality across the breadth of Croatia during my forthcoming stay; this is goddess nature manifest, the care-taking and nurture nature of humankind in its most perfect state.

Song-of-the-New-Earth-4In our state of Divine feminine we need to challenge our individual selves and each-other to greatness fostered through cooperation, to give more in terms of support, respect, awareness, encouragement and healing to all Earth’s creatures. Returning our planet to its original balance of feminine and masculine energy needs to start with each one of us – Phoenix Rising!

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