Namaste, I just woke from a ‘dream catch’

A neighbor used to comment repeatedly his wonder that there didn’t seem to be any delay in ‘once I got an idea in my head’ and my acting on it – sometimes this was over things that to me seemed a ‘no brainer’ (what would keep me from ‘doing’ anything so banal as what I was acting upon?).  Three days ago a young Croatian woman I met through a Linkedin professional group less than a week ago expressed astonishment over how fast my brain engaged from thought to action.  My dearest and longest held girlfriend Doris, 78, immigrated from post WWII Germany in her teens, knows me and how my brain works perhaps better than anyone on the planet even expressed her astonishment when reading my post entitled Living in Holocene, Days Like These the obscure nature of the individual bands perplexed her and so she asked.  As I was talking her through the breadcrumbs, I confess the whole struck even me as incongruent as recounted though it seemed seamlessly logical during the process of writing, but I am very happy with the finished piece which hopefully provokes thoughtfulness – and joy!

In general, our brains are fascinating and I don’t know about yours but mine sometimes seems DSCN9982like the rubber band ball I am ‘making’ for my nephew – held together by the laws of physics yet far from being uniform in its design or apparently coherent in the way I process information.

I am reading three (very different) books right now – Jack Cashill’s Ron Brown’s Body, Marilyn Yalom’s How The French Invented Love and Mark Sundeen’s The Man Who Quit Money – the eclectic nature of my choices may help explain how my brain connects Imagedisparate information. In any case two ‘seemingly’ unrelated touch points whacked me upside the head in the middle of a dream state last night – the long since read writings of Joseph Campbell in The Hero with a Thousand Faces (where the hero leaves, and ultimately returns from, the human experience to explore him – or her – self in an epic state of mythology) and a ‘chance’ encounter with a man on OKC who my normal experience would never find occasion to meet.

The gentleman and I each have ‘overly long’ profiles – rather like transparent user manuals to guide potential partners our way or scare them off – an exception in our sound bite world. His highly functioning brain was fascinating to glimpse at, the scope of his influence on our global society might have been intimidating, it was immediately apparent to me we would never be romantically involved, but what struck me was the potential for ‘information to exchange for higher purpose benefit’. I wasn’t sure what, or how or when I would understand the randomness of ‘the message’ but I was certain that one of us (both of us?) had something of importance to convey to the other.

Sundeen’s writing included Campbell’s words,

“A blunder, apparently the merest chance – reveals an unsuspected world, and the individual is drawn into a relationship with forces that are not rightly understood.”

So, in the middle of the night as my mind flitted about in the ephemeral I was ‘guided’ to the reason of this encounter.

I am a receptor of energy, its powerful impact can level me if negative and exalt and elevate me when positive, but like every human being (and in truth I believe in the shaman guides that animals also have the capability) we are conduits for messages. These float around in the atmosphere – ideas of pure genius, inspiration, clarity, opportunities for personal growth, reverence and yes, the possibility of attaining enlightenment and at-one-ment or slipping into an abyss of pain – all simply waiting to be plucked and acted upon.

For the sake of his privacy I am not going to use his real name (yes, he really is that much of a global influencer) and I am omitting a handful of words that would point any curious reader toward him, but I will share what I was compelled to get up out of bed in the middle of the night to share with him. (Edited for clarity.)

Me: Just woke from a ‘dream catch’ that is clearly meant to be conveyed to you — it’s only important that I share, not that you respond to me. 

ImageThat genius energy which floats around in the atmosphere waiting to be plucked and developed? The shaman experience you had – the gifts you have with [omitted] – the connection between neuroscience and empathy – the Dalai Lama’s comment about how in teaching 8 year olds to meditate and in doing so a cessation of all war in two generations could be realised – and, of course – following messages. The point is humankind’s cycle of evolution out of our physical realm into the more natural, higher place we came from must return, the state of at-one-ment can be fostered by you and your gifts with [omitted] . My message was very clear – you are to bring about the return to light. 

He responded: Thank you for acting as a conduit. Give me some time to process this.

Me: Namaste. None of us get a choice about being a conduit, only acting on the information.

And that is REALLY my point, acting. I understand that in our hyper-connected world we are assaulted with terabytes of information daily, our processing skills can only run so long before overheating and melting our hard-drives, establishing filters to ensure system stability at once with expansion is a necessary but finely honed skill set. Our society instills reluctance into conveying messages ‘randomly’ – we don’t wish to offend, anger or be perceived as a nut-case, Mitchbut those are human traits and not those of our essential being.  Oh, yes, and how ego holds onto false gods and our own thoughts often create a different set of barriers to reception of messages that have larger benefit.  While we need to filter information to make it salient I don’t inherently believe that discernment related to conveying messages is a good thing – as in everything else in life the risk is often worth the reward – some people will ‘get it’ and some won’t. We don’t get a choice about being a conduit, only whether we act on sharing.

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