Gods of small things

Last week I was walking a two hour course of errand running (and physical fitness) when I passed a garbage bin with un-opened, full bottles of water sitting on top; I had ‘no reason’ to put theseImage in my bag as I was carrying my own but I did anyway. 10 blocks later the reason became clear as sunlight streaming through morning dew – an earthworm was stuck on the concrete sidewalk and was quickly drying out in its attempts to get back to the grass and save its own life.  I opened the bottle and pour 1/3 of it out over the worm, picked the him up and put him on the grass and then poured the remaining water (now) in my possession over the worm; I hope he lived.

Yesterday I finally started to make a dress out of peacock blue coloured lightweight wool that I have had for over a year – waiting for the mood to move me.  I bought this incredible fabric to make a copy of a dress which my mom had made for me in pale aqua wool gabardine when I was in my 20s (yes, painstakingly ripping out the seams of half the dress so I would have pattern pieces leaving the other half intact to serve as the template for re-assembling – thank goodness for my heightened spatial relationship skills as well as a paternal grandmother who truly was an extraordinary seamstress). Because I under-calculated the required yards I was facing down two different pieces, and because I haven’t done ‘this kind of sewing’ in 30 years I was just a little intimidated at the prospects – thus the avoidance. This isn’t really about the dress (though that is coming together more amazing looking than imagined) but a tiny, thoughtful, detail of a small brass safety pin identifying on the selvedge edge a cut that ‘could have’ been overlooked and thus totally waste a 34” length x 2 of this expensive Italian fabric.  However, because it was there I was able to move the ‘pattern piece’ of the original dress down 14 inches and avert disaster once I started sewing. This morning a gentlewoman who owns a Bernina shop near my home patiently walked me through the ‘how-to’ of making a welt buttonhole – terror seizes me in actually doing this but it will make all the difference on the finished dress. The ‘energy’ around the creation of my copying this dress almost guarantees it will be spectacular.

Buddha's new homeSome time ago I woman-handled a gorgeous, 60 pound concrete Buddha out of his resting spot at the back of a garden overlooking a Koi pond at an estate sale.  I brought him home to my small one bedroom apartment because it was clear that as this was the second day of the sale, no one else had been interested and he would likely wind up in a dumpster when the new owners closed on the house.  And, while I have a Ganesh, Guanyin and a bronze standing double happiness Buddha (each hand holds a money bag and he is laughing) I frankly always wanted a Buddha about the size of a five year old – even though I don’t have the proper setting for it.  A couple of weeks ago, having decided months ago to start divesting myself of thirty years of collecting in anticipation of a move to Europe, my Buddha was purchased by the friend of a friend (and I woman-handled him back down two flights of stairs to her SUV).  “Our” Buddha now resides at a retreat where the convergence of Eastern and Western energy is focused and where Nancy is doing her writing on self-worth, Divine, healing and collaboration. It’s clear to me that I was only this particular Buddha’s temporary guardian until such a time as his purpose was manifest in my reality.

My point is two-fold; so much about the quality of our lives comes as a result of the blessing of small things, our noticing them and then being grateful for their presence in our lives. In any moment we might not understand why we are about to do the thing we are about to do, but it will become clear eventually and every one of our actions is connected to the larger universe. Whether you recognise this as awareness, mindfulness or coincidence doesn’t really matter – it is simply being present to the small things that shift our lives that I suggest you embrace. Namaste.

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