Sweet brightness

I walk through arches of ancient stone, gateways to both past and future,

revel in the orchestra of dappled sunlight my eyes closed to its sweet brightness, swept up in the adagio of water cascading over marble torsos.


dappled light

Dappled light in the square by Mike Hall from Bell Fine Art, Winchester, Hampshire, UK

where honeysuckle appears as lemon zest and the yolks of oeufs pochés run over slender stems of bright green asparagus, figs snatched from the wasp and shavings of hard cheese, glasses of Viognier sweat and sugared Pâtes de fruits glisten.


over the rivers that run through cities – joining east and west or north and south – where cappuccinos, cobbled streets and Linden trees spill as Impressionist paint.

White linen dress,

conveying coolness when heat demands respite.

You never asked me to stay,

though the timeless echo of church bells, votive, rose windows and frescos on plaster remain.

More impossible than staying is leaving,

moonlight touches your face,  a night breeze wafts gossamer at open windows,

I am a woman in search of a single word.

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2 thoughts on “Sweet brightness

    1. @TeresaFritschi Post author

      All compassion is generated from a place of love Hilal – whether romantic, platonic or of mankind. Love, ultimately is about the giving away of yourself and your energy to make not only ourselves feel alive but others as well. I agree with your choice but think that in refining love like some might a precious jewel we hone our world into its possible greatest brilliance.


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