Teresa Fritschi, Commarglo Managing Director

ImageI was in the post office yesterday and at the end of my transaction the postal lady said “I can’t figure out why you are always so glow-y and radiant when you come in here. Is it your makeup or your hair?” Ahem. I don’t wear makeup (other than some variation of a 1940’s red lipstick daily and will ‘do’ my eyes if work or social circumstance dictates and my hair is most often found collected in 1980s banana hair clips and is starting to grey in a most unwelcome sign of my chronological years).  But, I have used a mud mask all the way down to the décolletage on a weekly basis since I got my first zits at age 11 – it became a ritual because it worked.  Forty years on I have a better intellectual understanding of the therapeutic and rejuvenating properties of mud – not simply…

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