Is the French version of a Scorpio male different?

I am doomed or destined – I can’t put my finger on it at the moment.

scorpioYet A-N-O-T-H-E-R Scorpio male has entered my life by way of OKCupid. Really universe? You can’t possibly find a match for me that isn’t supposedly the very worst combination for an Aquarian woman? Sigh. The truth is thus, over the course of my eight months on this quest to find love (as has been my lot in the ‘real world’) Scorpio men gravitate toward me, and I them, like moths to a flame – and we all know how that turns out! My girlfriend Karin thinks I am nuts to discriminate based upon someone’s birth date and astrological sign – but my ‘been there, done that’ is screaming RUN, RUN, RUN!!! aquarius-free-yearly-horoscope

In fairness this Scorpio male is, on paper (as we have yet to meet in person), nearly a perfect match for me – really, 94% match and 80% friend compatibility, based upon the analytic metrics offered by Myers-Briggs, and this bodes well.  He’s not Swedish, but loves the mindset of the country and its culture, he’s French. Need I say more? He has speculated about the ‘sophisticated fragrance’ I might wear, delights that I am a high heel wearer, he would be the very first man I have met (ever) to not only know that silk stockings are still made but where to find them (and offer to buy them for me – I assume he wants at some point to take them off which – assuming our pheromones ignite the other – is just fine)! He expresses a desire to bring me flowers, hopefully an ongoing romantic habit that is ‘just because’ he wants to and not because I might come to expect it. He has offered to play practical nurse to me when I am ill, share old Scotch when I am well and teach me about things I have currently only a nominal intellectual understanding of – such as pairing Cahors red wines with fois gras (who knew, but evidently one of his best friends is the largest producer of such in France) and the world of luxury (power) boats and yachts (I am more of sail close-hauled kind of gal myself); I would be stupid to say no to such an education). He has invited me to join him in Corsica on his next trip – so while he is fact gathering at boat shows, I can explore this Mediterranean jewel.

I think relationships thrive when two people with different but equal strengths come together and complement, but also compliment, one another.  Really appreciate the other in a way that is authentic and not functioning from a place of fear (of being alone) or control.  He has already proven to be funny, offer tenderness, but also expressed appreciation of me.

He has read my blog posts and writes (in part) afterward:

“You blog is interesting (maybe not the passage about the difference contenders… loll). You are very cultivated and your language is richer than a lot of american people that I know.. . (sometimes difficult for me). But why not a day try to read your book. In fact I think for you I can make a lot of things… I hope these few words will make you happy”

What woman would not be charmed to read such words?

All of this might not be ‘enough’ but it’s more than these bits which have sufficiently tugged at my psyche to actually invite Dominique to come to the city where I live (to see if there is chemistry, to have dinner with my girlfriend Jennifer and myself, to truly explore and discover each other in a more conventional manner than online dating represents).  Perhaps it’s that he is only the second man amongst the lot of ‘candidates’ who also gardens, that he also uses words for his living (though I think he is more commercially successful than I in this realm), that instead of sex being his primary motivation – an early bomb dropped into nearly all the other conversations – after more than 60 exchanges there is only the vaguest suggestion of seduction (which is so much more delightful and natural).  He expresses the intent of his search is:

“A woman with fantasy to make me laugh and and get away with it in his world…
A serious woman to make plans for the future, together
A true woman, feminine, lover, nasty to share a sweet intimacy
An adventurer to discover the world
A sweet companion, to to enjoy a long winter evening next to the fire
But finally, I just want to find LOVE, to be well with someone….”

My real point is that he has earned my respect across a wide swath of the human experience something I do not give freely, lightly or easily – quite an accomplishment.

Theresa Chapman MonkeysUntil this morning I had no idea that he was a Scorpio male, for now I am just going to put my hands over my eyes and pretend to be the ‘see no evil monkey’ and give the possibilities of knowing this amazing man a chance to thrive instead of drawing upon my life experience and expecting a claustrophobic crash and burn.

Vive l’homme francais!!

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