Does Water Have Memory?

First published simply as Water 29 July 2013 – revised.


I am listening to George Frideric Handel’s masterful Water Music  first performed in the open air on the River Thames, as requested by King George I, on 17 July 1717.  (Note to all, certain music can be RELEVANT after 300 years!) As a fan of Baroque music this not the first, nor will it be the last time these three suites of elegance will grace my ear drums, make my heart swell and transport me, but it is the first time I have actively considered the resonance of the music on its environment.water memory  

Recently I stumbled upon a bit theoretic science which suggests that water might have memory.  Sadly, it seems that this has been debunked but, from an esoteric perspective, and for the future of the planet’s health, I want to explore this a bit further.


Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Let’s take what we know. At its most basic – the four most common elements Hydrogen, Helium, Oxygen and Carbon – combined in various permutations make up most of our Earth.  It has ever been that when one part Hydrogen meets up with two parts Oxygen water will be the consistent net result even as variations of minerals and other elements provide distinct terroir.  We also know that all the material which makes up our planet has been ‘here’ for millions and millions of years – ever recycled, reused, reimagined by the Earth, and in the last 150 years or so by man through our industrialization of said material.  Further, our human body, like other animals, is largely made up of water.  Neurons in our brains use a combination of impulses unique to each memory to imprint them in specific sequence to hardwire these to our memories. Some, such as those associated with smell, seem to have more ‘staying power’ (we recall immediately who wore a certain fragrance or as we smell the ocean again our first trip to the sea comes back to us ‘as yesterday’) and others with chemical receptors that we can’t even consciously detect guide everything from Monarch butterflies to our selection of a mate. It ‘stands to reason’ with all that recycling, as water has coursed through our bodies and that of other animals, watered plant-stocks and food sources, traveled through dirt, and sand and rock back into the aqua-filter to reemerge ‘filtered and cleansed’ in streams, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans that just as we can still find traces of industrial chemicals and various pharmaceuticals after all this why should we be so quick to assume that water doesn’t take on a memory of where it has been, both good and bad.

water pollutionOur planet is in peril. Only a scant percentage of the population still puts aside material concerns to steward the earth, to protect it, to revere it, to reclaim it – and, because these have been largely eco-warriors whose semantics are often extreme the rest of the world’s population tends to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to all of it. We cannot continue to be ignorant, mute, and indifferent.

In my heart of hearts I fervently wish it was possible, as the late French immunologist Dr. Jacques Benveniste suggested in his controversial article 1988 published in Nature, that in simply swishing flowers through our most common elements we could replace all the negative memory and remaining ‘footprints’ with beauty and harmonic energy to water – but I am a realist.  Our waters, belonging to all but controlled and mismanaged by a few, have rapidly become the single most important focus of security issues on a global basis.  People like Dr. Wallace J. Nichols and his brethren ask not only the right questions but have at least some of the answers. We are fools if we fail to grasp that the planet and its waters carry an imprimatur of each and every one of our actions and we still do nothing to foster change. (I cannot encourage you enough to at least learn about the efforts of the Dr. Nichols as the 7 water organizations everyone should know about.)

If the waters of Thames some three hundreds on still carry the strains of Handel’s Water Music then perhaps there is hope for renewal, for purity and most especially for replacing painful memories with most beautiful ones.

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