Flowers from my garden set off in Uranium green

The inky darkness of a midsummer night found flickering light from looking glasses reflecting scented candles

Last night, bathed, softened by oils pressed from nature I lay

as both virgin and courtesan

Pure whiteness waiting to welcome you home

4201-24671In the shade of blue called Mazarine, for the butterflies, for the Cardinal, fresh bed linens covering mountains of down and feathers

Lurching in my heart as I heard a chime, was relief, felt, only briefly, a moment of connection and then you were gone

The sound of your voice echoes on the sinew of my body covetous of renewed resonance

Our simple troth to expand the others’ mind, to give and take pleasure

Is this too hard when the blood of men and women is spilled in the streets for freedom?

Always, investment variously expended sustains what we value, ambivalence destroys

Though I allowed myself trust, to believe otherwise, to your credit

You warned me of how boredom settles over you quickly


Fragile love no different than governments being toppled

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