Unprotected by Aquarius’ and Cerridwen’s sacred stone, golden halos or angel wings

sleep eludes

taunt bowstrings notched without release against the Centaurs’ chase through dark oaks, scree, bracken

Once thought inured against

rough-hewn man, the sanctuary brought by the Muses of reason and circumstance,

dispelled as Merlin’s mists

incantations o’er burnished copper

Small gods

whisper potent remembrances

grief, abandonment, bereavement as streaking stars cross silken skies

Echoes of, clawing toward, Light, lightness, enlightenment,

void ill-defined by mortals whose abstractions in mathematical theorem will fail, utterly, to provide proof at the moment of consummation and conflagration

Focus against distraction,

cool facade like Narcissus pool shattered at touch

steel blue ice melting at the edge of Highland moss where incubus and succubus drink deeply

As Bernini’s St. Teresa lie in state, thickening blood where pulse withers

torn between the Rapture, knowing the essential power and His fierce engulfing strength, beseeching God to quell the flames of carnal lust and rhythms of the hearts’ tender affection

Bent limbs entwined,

body to body press hard and soft as a forest supports each copse in horizontal winds

Archangel Michael no dragon here to slay, sheath thy sword in perfumed velvet, manifest Divine order

By Henry Avignon

After Koyaanisqatsi, Gaia II
By Henry Avignon

Candle vigils before the Oracles, Mithras, Buddha, Shiva and Yahweh,

At death physical Chaos again connects Quantum strings to ley lines, to sacred springs, to Gaia, to her lover

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