Kanika, my newlywed neighbor from India, asked me to put her jasmine plant in the garden I have been cultivating and nurturing the last five years.  In Zone 5 there is little chance it will winter over but I have done my best to optimize its’ success; perhaps with intention and luck we will be pleasantly surprised.  Of course all of us will thrive in ideal conditions – and resilience helps us overcome those times when we are parched for water (or knowledge, or stimulation, or love).  Kanika is an embodiment of love.  She is a medium for channeling the universal energy known as Chi in Feng Shui, or the ‘vital energy of prāṇa’ found through alignment of the chakras in the respective Hindu and Buddhist traditions of tantric and yoga. She is working on her Reiki practice and I am blessed to be a recipient. Her intention is to realign my chakras to foster a welcome environment for me to find the kind of love which she has with her husband (a man who clearly adores and respects her) – what kinder, lovelier gift could one ever hope to be given?

ImageI was struck the first couple of times by the hot and the cold space between her hand and the seven chakra points of my body as she ‘worked’. Almost always my crown and heart chakras would feel hot, the colours changing behind my closed eyes always some variation of purple, blues and greens (which, as I had never bothered researching this before this morning, I just discovered are precisely the colours so assigned). Each session has been an aurora borealis of shifting light and patterns playing out over a forty minute session.  Over the last couple of months I have noticed a shift in possibilities both professional and personal opening up – maybe I was just ready and maybe Kanika is serving as a wonderful catalyst. I am, as the expression goes, “going with the flow”.

The energy fields of our universe manifest in the physical and the spiritual daily, mysteriously understood and seen by some but felt by all (with or without cognition). I admit to being ‘aware’ and I certainly do feel it but am without the formal schooling to intellectually process all of ‘this’. As a kind of ‘whoa, something is here’ validation, this past weekend a ‘coincidence’ took place between the colours so vivid in my sessions with Kanika and a conversation with the incredible man I just met through OkCupid.  Francisco and I were talking to one another on Skype for over 5 and a half hours during which time I mentioned the logistics of uprooting my life, culling what possessions I could bear to part with and those that I couldn’t, namely my bed.  When I shared a picture of it he in turn mentioned how he loved that I had decorated with “higher chakra colours”.  If we are all, as I believe, made of the same finite and infinitely recycled atoms and energy as the rest of our universe then these coincidences are certainly nothing of the kind. It is alignment, energy seeking to unite through ionic bonds of the like electrons we all share – just as the French express coup de foudre I am finding my solar plexus spinning with white light both as Kanika does Reiki with me, where I am in a sacred space or when Francisco and I make ‘random’ connections some 2300 miles apart from one another. I am certain as the sun rises that all of this is energy, the same energy, expressed in its most perfect and natural dynamic.

If we think of ourselves all as tuning forks seeking to find our ideal ‘pitch’ then it makes so much sense that as we surround ourselves with others who are also ‘vibrating’ at a higher level of consciousness then our combined resonance can have positive and dramatic impact. It was through my friend Blane Land, a master of multiple martial arts disciplines, a brilliant computer scientist and mathematician who has used all of his talents to establish a computer model for providing accurate grading of Himalayan Singing Bowls (aka Tibetan Prayer Bowls) who really cemented my belief in this.

It is therefore incumbent upon all of us to resonate at the highest possible leImagevel.

As Jean-Paul Sartre wrote in 1946:

“Not that he is simply what he conceives himself to be, but he is what he wills, and as he conceives himself after already existing – as he wills to be after that leap towards existence. Man is nothing else but that which he makes of himself.” 

For myself I wish to dwell in shades of purple, blue and green of the higher chakras and foster change through intellect, spiritual awareness, and compassionate love.

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