…is the colour of a smile.

It is popcorn strung on threads hung on the deepest greens brought inside during the darkest days of winter when angels’ wings rustle and cascade a hundred million variations of a snowflake to the Earth.  It is pinpoints of light in windows at the end of a dark road – beckoning welcome.

For eternity, it has been the colour of vestal virgins, brides, mourners, priests and priestesses.

white garden…is the hardest to design, plant and maintain in continuous bloom from Snowdrops to Japanese Anemone, but, if accomplished, it is the most perfectly scented and sublime garden in the world.

White, I believe is the reflection of perfection and innocence, it is the aspiration of beauty, simplicity and purity.

It is the clouds drifting across an azure sky held tightly in the mirror of deep blue waters.

White is the colour of sand at the edge of an ink coloured ocean in the moonlight, as well as the spume of the salt water rushing to the shore breaking against the rocks. Image

It is the sound of silence as we pray in the gloaming of an ancient sacred place as well as the tuning fork we each become when we allow joy to fill us. It is the concept of selflessness brought to practice. It is giving more than taking, standing aside to let another shine, cheering in our heads and hearts and with our hands.  White is what we are when we are in at-one-ment with the God we call our own.  White is where we ‘live’ when our beings are aligned and perhaps ‘enlightened’.

It is the colour of love. It is the colour of mindfulness.

When we have lived well, long and with intention of creating love in our wake it is the colour of our soul.

White is the end result of light passing through every wavelength indigo through chrome yellow,  what resonates within each of us – regardless of the colour of our skin. It is the dove of peace. Embrace all that white embodies.

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One thought on “White

  1. Hilal

    Thank you for your write-up that say a lot of things…The color of white has its own language… language that speaks the words of purity, peace and subltlety. Love always, Hilal from Istanbul


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