Banana Boxes

A new acquaintance of mine is recently divorced. For several months (if not years given that some of the contents include unused wedding gifts belonging to his parents from 1968), he has been staring down 50 banana boxes containing the miscellany of his and his parents’ lives stacked against the wall of his and his former wife’s home.  Image

The boxes became a metaphor to me this morning because a client of mine didn’t like the fact that I have been challenging their firm to deal with inconsistencies to their content and messaging. The boxes represent all the ‘stuff’ we fail to deal with on a daily basis because eating the icing off the cake (having FUN!) is infinitely more appealing than facing reality.  Responsibility can’t be put off because it’s inconvenient – whatever is being avoided will always, eventually, find its target – it’s often ‘easier’ to shoot the messenger – a friend or family member, an analyst, a consultant, a new hire, all of whom possess fresh perspective that the status quo no longer has synergy to ensure a dynamic and resilient next lifecycle. And so, ‘it’ (being anything we wish to avoid coping with) accumulates. And, accumulates and… a-c-c-u-m-u-l-a-t-e-s. So we (collectively) live riddled with inefficiencies and karmic dénouement creating a perpetual state of dis-ease.

All of this occurred to me while lying on my living room rug while my lovely newly-wed Indian woman neighbor was giving me my first Reiki session. Reiki isn’t so much about healing (though I understand it can) as drawing the universal energy which connects us all, from which we are all made, to those parts of us (be it a chakra or a Western medical injury) most vulnerable – what needs to be healed; the crisis of malaise which dogs our heels, hearts and heads.  We are all part of this massive energy matrix known as the universe, and that matrix (scaled down) is very much like a computer circuit board.

Circuitry, of course, is part of the hardware onto which SaaS (software) functions to improve efficiencies and thus, increase capitalization (flow and value).  Human beings are ‘wired’ to avoid painful circumstances and certainly, to some, dealing with what’s in those ‘banana boxes’ is going to be just that – painful.  And, because humans run businesses the same issues we avoid in our personal lives are equally endemic in undermining the structure of corporations, SMEs and mom & pop businesses. The problem is those banana boxes are stacking up in the corner office not simply in a disused storage area. Corporate agility, and a fulfilling personal life, demands that the ‘banana boxes’ get sorted through on a regular basis.  Think of it this way – our bodies and brains are both system components, fine tuning and upgrades mean we’ll function like a new Oracle data stack system housed within gleaming stainless, triple chilled by Trane HVAC.

It’s Spring, and that means hoeing out, refreshing, taking stock and authentically owning what’s wrong with our lives and in our places of employment and setting about a path toward renewal.  You, or your business, can start living more in the light than in the dark by going through some of those banana boxes and put the no longer relevant ones out with the recycling on Tuesday morning.


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