Lily  Two days ago, a single six petal’d wonder appeared through the foliage of the adjacent Oriental lily; two breathtaking shades of green and the purest white blossom, raindrops still held onto leaf and petal both.  Sigh.

At first glance I thought it one of my Snowdrops, as the flower head is a nearly identical configuration of three teardrops falling from a curved stem-head – but the stem is nearly three times taller. Clearly, the squirrels snacked their way through the winter on my 50 last-fall-planted Snowdrop bulbs as not one bloomed in March (as anticipated), nor in April, or May either.  So what is this beauty? Does it matter?

However harmonious – my girlfriend Doris wrote ‘no matter where you hang your hat, there is no Eden’.

Eden, as we all know, has been referenced in the Torah, the Bible and the Qu’ran. I can’t read Sanskrit but I am pretty sure that the Buddhists would have found favor with Eve in seeking knowledge rather than cast (ahem) histories’ first lovers out of paradise so I will leave them out of this dialogue.

Cover of "The Celestine Prophecy: An Adve...

Cover of The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure

More than twenty years ago James Redfield wrote The Celestine Prophesy, an adventure parable about an ancient manuscript suppressed by ‘the church’ in which the lesson of synergies threatens to undo ecclesiastical hierarchies as Martin Luther and Calvinist thought once did.  The premise being that a highly evolved segment of society would begin to emerge toward the end of the 20th century. Within this community it would be understood that information should be shared amongst the ‘enlightened’ like-minded (identified by seeming coincidences) for the greater good without thought of recompense. In due course, not only would value be received but everyone’s ‘needs’ would be fulfilled in this barter-on-steroids utopia. (However naïvely) Redfield’s book served, and continues to do so, as a validation of my widely held beliefs.

We are TRULY at the precipice of such when talking heads such as Michel Bauwens write for the P2P Foundation about shifting the global economy with social media currency and SOCAP hosts workshops entitled “Beyond Social Media?”.  It has never been ‘enough’ for me to macro-value someone because of their presence on the various social media outlets (I don’t care if you have 50,000 or 5 million followers) for the very simple reason that big thoughts still require micro execution to foster change.

lightAnd so, back to my single white blossom, in its micro existence, where at this writing I am perhaps the only human to bear witness to its sublime beauty, has it created an Eden or a necessary disruption? If the former then just imagine what beauty the multiplier of 300 million people fostering a sustain but single positive thought, perpetuating a random act of kindness or generosity might manifest as each of us practice this daily – and, if the latter, then truly the greater density of harmonic resonance we can create together the sooner our disruption can create Eden.

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