Let them eat Kale – Gwyneth allow me to introduce you to Maimonides

My parents grew up in The Great Depression (born respectively in 1933 and 1938); you would be amazed at the level of self-sufficiency and frugality one learns in the home of such parents (whose own parents worked multiple jobs, took in sewing, raised animals and tended gardens). I can depressiontopperassure you that to this day nothing goes to waste that I can avoid – I am now 54 and live alone. What’s more, more often than not I have enough to share. I can stretch a $10 whole chicken into multiple weeks’ worth of meals – first roasted, then as sandwiches, for Chicken pot pie, chicken soup, a stir fry, Chicken a la King or croquettes. Even as accomplished as I am at this I recognise that my ability to be successful has some critical factors that start with a love of cooking and a creative home economics streak.

Gwyneth Paltrow unleashed social media frenzy with her less than 1000 calorie a day food choices in conjunction with the $29 a week SNAP challenge this week. And a dear friend of mine took exception the fact that I commented, as so many others have, that based upon her choices she was out of touch with reality. Let me be clear there is nothing inherently wrong with her diet selections – other than being boring, and, as it turns out, insufficient – Gwyneth admits she couldn’t do it. I use the word diet specifically because while I happen to also like kale, and avocado and limes and so forth it appeared to me that she was maintaining her svelte figure rather than actually eating for taste, nutrition and, and oh, pleasure.

people on the bus... old woman [b&w]

Not my grandmother, who also only ever wore dresses, and this woman is clearly without two grocery bags plus her handbag.

There are three grocery store options near where I live, two of which opened within the last two years, but is not to suggest that grocery shopping is a leisurely activity. Just as my paternal grandmother used to schlep her groceries home on the infrequent bus transportation of Niagara Falls, NY I have to plan my purchases because I am walking (I took my beloved car off the road for financial reasons). Perishable items and heavy things like milk, yogurt, and the aforementioned chicken require thoughtfulness to purchase (despite fortitude and physical strength I cannot easily carry these home at one time) and I am not trying wrangle a couple of kids in the process.

This morning, after breakfast of 1 ½ pieces of crisp bacon ($0.23), 2 organic eggs ($0.58) as an omelet with a sprinkling of Swiss cheese ($0.14) with a baby Portobello mushroom ($0.18) and a 20150417_104939piece of raisin toast with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on it (let’s say that with the organic butter this was $0.20), I was cleaning a four and half pound pineapple ($2.99) and two ripe mangos ($0.79 each) and I was still thinking about Gwyneth and her challenge. More specifically I was thinking about the disconnect between nutrition, access, smart choices, time, and costs – oh yes, and all those in the 1% who would deny their fellow human beings the ability to feed themselves while acting as little better than slavers of a previous centuries.

Like the chicken, my $2.99 pineapple is a perfect example of how far I can stretch things. After trimming the top and the base, the hard core goes into a teapot to become iced pineapple green tea with raw honey. Once brewed the leftover teabags and the core join the rest of the trimmings (and the egg shells) in my food processor which then go into a section of my garden for enriching the soil. The pineapple fruit (usually about 2 full quarts of pieces) has an enzyme which when eaten whole naturally whitens teeth, but it also also a good source of Dietary Fiber, Thiamin, Vitamin B6 and Copper, and a very good source of Vitamin C and Manganese. I also make kale smoothies with it or will make some variation of Sweet & Sour Chinese with a ½ of a pint. The disconnect between my skills and that of the average SNAP user isn’t that I make more money – author’s don’t – but knowledge and time (I am not holding down multiple jobs to make ends meet, nor do I have the responsibilities which come from having a family). If there is a singular point to this blog post is the old adage:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.  ~ Maimonides 

We, as a global society (because the problem of hunger is not limited to the United States), need to do a better job of teaching all of our kids the basics of home economics. Breakfast, lunch and dinner should not be packaged foods filled with chemicals and saturated fats. Lobbying groups should not be getting subsidies for their food industry clients but organic Farmer’s and the markets that offer the fruits of their labors surely should.

Some other day I will rant about the sheer volume of food that goes into landfills each year, turning into methane gas that should be either diverted for consumption while still possible or the model of making it a biofuel embraced.

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A man in a tie.

I have wanted to write this specific post since the 16th of January.  I have known (most of) the story for a couple of years care of my girlfriend Zeljka but not another day is going by without my getting this written.


Click here for 74 PAGES of exquisite men’s ties from Croata!

There are few things that women agree upon when it comes to men, but I would be willing to bet that the allure of a man wearing a good dress shirt and a handsome, and well-tied, silk tie is certainly one; the attraction is almost as primal as the overwhelming desire we have to pull the end of ribbon to get at a gift.

The modern necktie takes its origins from the red kerchiefs worn by Croatian soldiers in the 17th century (Thirty Years War). The sartorial word, cravat, derives from the corrupted French pronunciation of Croat(e) ‘La Cravate’ thus coming into the lexicon of the day. If you do a search online this is generally accepted as historically accurate, but it’s only a portion of the story. All those websites toting this to market their wares fail to mention how this long piece of muslin or silk wrapped once about the neck of a Croatian soldier and tied in a loose knot came to be – lovers.

cravatIt was the tying of such by a woman upon her sweethearts’ neck, sending her man off to war with a prayer and a promise of fidelity that started this. Essentially, in accepting the kerchief, he was bound to her should he return from war. In the contemporary sense, the use of various metaphors of business as war, it is the same and Fast Company best sums it up: “Business in the New Economy is a civilized version of war. Companies, not countries, are the battlefield rivals.” And the spoils of those wars fought daily? Still the companionship of a lover to come home to. Which brings me back to the almost primal connection we have to unwrapping a present (though I am unaware of any sociological or psychological studies to document the phenomenon) a hand on his chest just at the heart monitors both the elevation of his breath and heart rate, fingers slipping into a silk knot at a man’s throat and gently, but firmly, loosening it (and him) from the constraints of his day – in my humble opinion there is not a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g more seductive. I digress.

“Personal style isn’t simply an exercise in parroting but rather an exhibition for our own stories – from the gait of our walk to the rhythm of our speech to the manner in which the necktie falls from the knot.” ~ LZ Granderson

And it is this space, “the manner in which the necktie falls”, that I revert to the Croatian origins of 20150116_112354the tie. You see back in January I was in Rijeka, Croatia for the day. Stunned by the Baroque beauty architecture of this city of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire (from 1466 onward 450 years), as I said I knew 20150116_121747_HDRof the back-story of the cravat, and though I had seen a handful of Croata shops in the previous two and a half months of my stay in Croatia I had not yet entered one of their stores. Something was different energetically and visually here though.  On the wall directly behind the glass door was a colour of fresh cream silk Charmeuse cravat (photo at left). Because just as a Tuxedo should only be worn with a hand-tied black silk bow tie this swath of finished ivory silk had the same net effect on my psyche. Suddenly all I saw was a romantic nod to a time when harpsichords and viola de gamba were played and men wore embroidered waistcoats, breeches with hose (showing off their legs to great advantage), and cutaway jackets made of fine silk brocade or velvet embellished with passementarie, and a tiny part of me involuntarily swooned. I had only meant to ask to take a picture, but before me was quite literally the history of the tie in a series of watercolours hung upon the walls and that history pulled me into it as well as the store where stories and pride of both country and company ebulliently poured forth from Sven, the store’s sales manager, I was enthralled. To discover that not only are 99% of Croata offerings made within Croatia’s geopolitical boundaries but the hyper-exclusive and limited edition (only 25 of the same tie are produced) nature of these make an Hermès tie as common as an Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirt; somehow all this was translated into further validation for making this dragon shaped country bound by the sea my permanent home. 20150116_122233

I tied a red silk kerchief around the neck of a singular, imaginary, Croatian man that day, pledging my heart and love to the country in the process. At the time I didn’t know how accurate that troth would become in the coming months, and the reality I now live daily – though still from afar.  Can’t wait to get my fingers into that knot that binds me, loosen it, and be welcomed home.

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croatia nude

Jedino ulje koje ide uz Hrvatski bikini je maslinovo!

Ažurirano 17. veljače 2015 – Vlada Republike Hrvatske (RH) je tužena za nezakonite radnje oko bušenja na Jadranu. (Ne slažem se sa svim stavovima Hrvatske Čiste Stranke Prava (HČSP), ali…)

Ova odluka je reakcija HČSP-a.

Uvod priopćenja za javnost koje potpisuje predsjednik HČSP-a, Josip Miljak:

“Kriminalna odluka hrvatske vlade o raspisivanju međunarodnog natječaja za fiktivno istraživanje nafte i plina u hrvatskom gospodarskom pojasu je kriminal koji bi, ako se ne spriječi, Hrvatsku mogao skupo koštati. Ukoliko se potpišu ti ugovori sa stranim kompanijama, skupina stručnjaka je već pripremila dvije tužbe, jednu Sudu za pravo mora u Hamburgu tj. Vijeću sigurnosti UN-a i drugu Državnom odvjetništvu RH.”

Cijelo priopćenje pročitajte ovdje.

Svaka poveznica u ovoj objavi je VRLO NAMJERNO izabran u svrhu obrazovanja i djelovanja, JA VAS KRAJNJE ISKRENO MOLIM DA DJELUJETE na sva tri poduhvata iz ove objave prije 16. Veljače (čitajte dalje, nemojte zaglaviti na djevojci sa slike, ona će biti ovdje i kad završite sa čitanjem)!

Ako vas je briga za mora i oceane i za čistu vodu za sve, za obnovljive izvore energije, za okoliš, za kulturno nasljedstvo, odmore na plaži, vodene sportove, jedrenje, vožnje brodom, plodove mora, Hrvatski (ili Talijanski) Jadran i za kvalitetu života temeljenu na skladu s našim planetom sučeljenim pohlepom i narušavanjem, onda je ova objava sa kraja godine (napisana 30. prosinca 2014.g.) za tebe! Bez isprike, objava je dosta dugačka. Molim vas da je podijelite u svim društvenim medijima. Trudimo se prevesti objavu na više jezika – poveznice će biti objavljene pri zgotovljenom prijevodu. Puno hvala svim čitateljima na divnoj godini. Sretna Nova Godina, Happy New Year!


Razmišljam o posljedicama – cijelo vrijeme (uključujući to koliko bih ljudi i kako mogla razljutiti pišući ovaj tekst). Nisam (makar bih savršeno mogla biti) korporativni savjetnik za planiranje scenarija. Vidim međuzavisnosti na načine koje ljudi koji žure kroz svoje živote ne uzimaju u obzir. To što me potiče mora biti za veće dobro, i moje srce i glava moraju naći savršenu ravnotežu da bih rekla – DA! Mnoge stvari potiču moju strast i moju stručnost, ali da bih se angažirala uvijek je nužan integritet i vjerodostojnost. Ova objava govori o Vennovom dijagramu predstavljenom usklađivanjem hrvatskog gospodarstva i okoliša te kako manipulacija odredbama Europske Unije može imati razarajuće i dalekosežne posljedice. Ovdje se radi o kratkovidnosti, tranutnoj zadovoljštini pojedinaca i kako će njihova pohlepa, ukoliko samo jedna stvar pođe po krivu, uništiti jedno od najvećih netaknutih blaga povijesne, ekološke i gospodarske vrijednosti u svijetu koje je ujedno i osnov života ljudi koji su ovisili o Jadranskom moru desecima tisuća godina. Ova objava se radi o traženju načina povratka na, kao što Hrvatska Turistička Zajednica kaže – Mediteran kakav je nekad bio, i sačuvati ga takvim za sve nas, te gospodarski naprednijim za Hrvate. Ovo je moguće uz vašu pomoć, zato vas MOLIM – potpišite ove peticije i podijelite ih sa prijateljima:

Stop bušenju nafte i plina u hrvatskom Jadranu

Emergenza Adriatico

The Travel Channel govori o hrvatskom bikiniju (hrvatski bikini je u biti sinonim za nudističku plažu) i skakanju sa stijena, te o slobodi ležanja na savršenom zlatnom pijesku i plivanju u moru palete boja od kobalta do akvamarina. Poznati američki kuhar Anthony Bourdain je posvetio jednu cijelu emisiju jelima, vinima i prirodnim ljepotama Hrvatske obale.  Očekujte da će se o Hrvatskoj obali pričati još više u budućnosti. Bilo bi malo reći da je utjecaj turizma golem i da bi turizam trebao biti među najvažnijim gospodarskim sektorima u Hrvatskoj koji se moraju održati. Ali ipak, čini se kao da ”desna ruka ne zna što lijeva radi” (nije tako samo u Hrvatskoj) jer bi u protivnom zaustavili pokušaje bušenja. Da li hrvatski ministri uopće raspravljaju strategije na sastancima kabineta?

Došla sam u Hrvatsku da bih utvrdila da li bi tamo mogao biti moj novi dom. Nedavno sam se nažalost vratila u SAD mada sam našla dom u Hrvatskoj. U trenutku pisanja ove objave sam bila u Hrvatskoj usred zime, privučena najviše Jadranom – kao i oko 11,5 milijuna ljudi koji su došli na ljeto 2012.g. Ako stavite to u perspektivu, uski pojas Dalmacije u tri mjeseca (između lipnja i kolovoza) ugosti skoro četiri puta stanovništvo čitave zemlje.

(Naglašeni tekst u nastavku je moj odabir) Na prvoj strani Lonely Planet-ovog Vodiča za Hrvatske glazbene festivale stoji:

“Hrvatski glazbeni festivali su u usponu, uzbudljiva nova događanja se pojavljuju svako ljeto. Prelijepo prirodno okruženje je osigurano , sa idiličnim plažama, jezerima, livadama i šumskim proplancima koji ugošćuju gomile presretnih ljubitelja festivala.”

Sonus Music Festival Otok Pag, Hrvatska, kolovoz 2014.g.

U uvodu Rough Guide-og članka o najboljim plažama u Hrvatskoj stoji:

Kad govorimo o plažama u Hrvatskoj, najbolje se uputiti ka jugu: na dalmatinskoj obali se nalaze najzavodljivije pješčane obale, šljunčane uvale i suncem pržene stijene. Zaista, sve se plaže koje su dospjele na našu listu nalaze u Dalmaciji, osim jedne (očaravajući pješčani otok Susak u Kvarnerskom Zaljevu). Velika zbirka destinacija od kojih bi pali u nesvijest je izostavljena s ove liste, uglavnom radi loše pristupačnosti: otoci kao Korčula, Vis i Šolta su prepuni božanskih zaljeva […].

Prema Fodor’s-u, Hrvatska je na prvom mjestu turističkih destinacija u usponu. Vrijednost turizma u hrvatskoj ekonomiji (kao i mnogo drugih stvari ovdje) je predmet različitih statistika – EU kaže 15% dok lokalno stanovništvo procjenjuje da turizam stoji za 40% ukupnog državnog proračuna. Hrvatski ministar turizma, Darko Lorencin, je izjavio da je u prvih šest mjeseci 2014.g. od turizma utrženo 2,12 milijardi eura, što je 2,2% više nego u istom razdoblju prošle godine. Procjenjuje se da 69% hrvatske ekonomije proizlazi iz uslužnih djelatnosti – kao na primjer iznajmljivanja jedrilica, usluge barova i restorana (koji nude plodove mora iz predivno čistih voda) i također usluge onih koji se brinu o svoj posteljini i ručnicima. Ako vjerujete riječima naslovnice Svjetske Banke o hrvatskoj ekonomiji, onda:


Drvenički Kanal, Hrvatski Jadran, pogled sa mog balkona 30. prosinca 2014.g. na mjesto gdje sam plivala posljednja dva mjeseca.

Hrvatska ostaje ekološko blago Europe, gdje je 47% kopna i 39% mora označeno kao posebno zaštićeno područje i područje očuvanja. U Hrvatskoj se nalazi 19 nacionalnih parkova i parkova prirode, od kojih su neki – kao Nacionalni Park Plitvička Jezera – na listi UNESCO-ve Prirodne Baštine. Prirodne ljepote Hrvatske privlače milione turista svake godine, sa prihodima od turizma koji predstavljaju oko 15% BDP-a zemlje. Očuvanje okoliša je visoko na listi plana razvoja i bilo je uvjet ulaska Hrvatske u EU.

BP over Adriatic

Na ovoj karti, koju nam je dostavio Richard West, se vidi obujam izljeva nafte u Meksičkom Zaljevu, također poznat kao Izljev Deepwater Horizon-a, u odnosu na Jadransko more; pored Hrvatske bi bile oštećene i Italija, Slovenija, Crna Gora i Albanija.

Dakle, nakon dva mjeseca plivanja u ovim netaknutim vodama borba za očuvanje Jadranskog mora je sad VRLO OSOBNA! Zar je moguće!? Zašto, o zašto, bi netko mislio da su bušotine plina i nafte u ovim vodama dobra ideja? Sjećate li se ekološke katastrofe izljeva nafte u Meksičkom Zaljevu (British Petroleum)? Na lijevoj strani vidite opseg te katastrofe u odnosu na Jadransko more. Za takvu katastrofu je dovoljno da se izlije nafta sa samo jedne od deset platformi koje imaju dozvolu za rad u hrvatskim vodama. Čak i u slučaju najmanjeg incidenta bi posljedice bile katastrofalne na između ostalo: razvoj filmske industrije (Game of Thrones itd.), turizam, ribarstvo – Eurostat-ove brojke za 2013.g. govore o 115,2 milijuna eura izvoza, arheološke iskopine u podmorju, kulturu, očuvanje rijetkih dupina, da i ne govorimo o osnovi preživljavanja više od 50% stanovništva Hrvatske.

U obranu ovih činjenica sam upravo (8. veljače) upoznata sa tehničkom stručnosti i mudrosti međunarodno visoko-obrazovanog Nenada Duplančića. Ako razumijete hrvatski, pročitajte ovu objavu Dignitee Hvar. Ako ne razumijete hrvatski, MOLIM VAS da prevedete tekst preko Google Translate ili na neki drugi način, da bi shvatili važnost Nenadovih komentara na prijedlog bušenja u Jadranu. Ukratko, ta objava govori o zabrani postavljanja novih naftnih platformi u SAD-u od 1969.g. tako da je jasno zašto (da bi zadržali korporativne zarade i plaće) međunarodne naftne tvrtke iskorištavaju i uništavaju osiromašene države (nezaposlenost u Hrvatskoj je preko 23%).

Moje viđenje stvari je da oni koji bi se trebali svim srcem boriti, naime ministri u hrvatskoj vladi, uključujući: ministricu kulture gđu Andreu Zlatar, ministra gospodarstva gdina Ivana Vrdoljaka (koji bi se trebao okrenuti tehnologijama valova, vjetra i sunca i kompletno odbaciti petrokemijsku energiju jer se ta industrija, kako tvdi i Duplančić, bliži kraju svog postojanja), ministar zaštite okoliša i prirode gdin Mihael Zmajlović, ministar pomorstva, prometa i infrastrukture gdin Siniša Hajdaš Dončić, ministar poljoprivrede gdin Tihomir Jakovina, i, naravno, ministar turizma gdin Darko Lorencin. Upitajte se zašto bi tvrtci kojoj je zabranjeno istraživanje na talijanskoj strani Jadrana, isto bilo dozvoljeno na hrvatskoj strani Jadrana od predsjednice uprave Agencije za ugljikovodike, Barbare Dorić? (Kojoj bi se, iskreno, trebalo oduzeti hrvatsko državljanstvo i koju bi trebalo protjerati na neku jako prljavu plažu, za njenu ulogu u promidžbi ovog debakla.)

Barbara Doric

Barbara Dorić – možda bi netko trebao provjeriti njene bankovne račune?

Hrvati nisu nimalo ravnodušni prema ljepoti i životu koji im položaj njihove zemlje pruža – često ćete ih čuti kako kažu “tko ovo može platiti?” raširenih ruku pokazujući preko rive i Jadranskog mora. Zar je moguće da talijani bolje od hrvata razumiju opasnosti koje prijete?

Saudijska Arabija manipulira tržištima nafte kako bi držala cijenu sirove nafte nestvarno niskom s croatia nudeciljem obeshrabrivanja daljnjeg razvoja i proširenja obnovljive energije. Sa poznatim opasnostima hidrauličkog frakturiranja u svrhu vađenja prirodnog plina, trebalo bi biti svima jasno da su petrokemije posljednje što bi trebalo biti u blizini hrvatskog bikinija.

Ovo nije moja zemlja, ali sam ipak izuzetno ogorčena u vezi ovoga i nadam se da svi vi koji čitate ovu objavu osjećate isto. Zar nismo vidjeli dovoljno uništavanja i rata radi pohlepe i nezasitne potrošnje koja prati naftu i plin? Znanstvenici koji proučavaju klimatske promjene upozoravaju da bi povećana razina mora “pomela” obalne zajednice diljem svijeta. Halo? Da li je itko provjerio koliko hrvatskog stanovništva živi vrlo blizu razine mora? U Europi se predviđa da će promjena klime povećati regionalne razlike u prirodnim bogatstvima. Nepovoljni utjecaji će uključiti povećani rizik od kopnenih bujica, češćih obalnih poplava i povećane erozije tla (uzrokovane olujama i povećanjem razine mora). Predviđa se pogoršanje vremenskih uvjeta (visoke temperature i suše) u regiji koja je već osjetljiva na promjene klime. Također se predviđa smanjenje opskrbe vodom, smanjenje kapaciteta hidroelektrana, smanjenje ljetnog turizma te produktivnosti usjeva.

oil croatia

Photo source: Croatia Week online magazine

Treba se zaustaviti – sada. 16. veljače je rok za otvorene komentare Vladi RH, potreban formular možete naći ovdje. Pored hrvatske, postoji i mukotrpno prevedena engleska verzija, tako da BEZ OBZIRA GDJE ŽIVE, ljudi koji se brinu za naša mora mogu poslati komentar. Molim vas i da to učinite! Kao što i pretpostavljate, ova bitka će biti skupa sa pravne strane tako da vas molim da date doprinos Clean Adriatic Sea Allience-u.

Hrvati imaju pravu priliku da postave svjetski standard za čistu energiju u tandemu sa ostatkom njihovog gospodarstva, ali prvo će svi trebati ustati i reći: NE OVDJE, NE SADA, NITI IKADA, i zatvoriti bušotine i maknuti onih deset platformi. Da li ćete mi se pridružiti?

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croatia nude

Das einzige Öl, das mit einem kroatischen Bikini zusammen-passt, ist Olivenöl


The original English version can be found here. 

Alle Links im folgenden Artikel wurden GANZ BEWUSST ausgewählt, weil sie weitere Informationen und Möglichkeiten zum Mitmachen bieten. ICH BITTE EUCH GANZ INSTÄNDIG, vor dem 16. Februar ZU HANDELN! (dazu bitte weiterlesen)

Wenn euch Meere und Ozeane, sauberes Wasser für alle, erneuerbare Energien, Umwelt, Kroatiens Kulturerbe, Strandurlaube, Wassersport, Segeln, Meeresfrüchte und Fisch, die kroatische (oder italienische) Adria am Herzen liegen wie auch die Lebensqualität, die auf harmonischer Koexistenz mit unserem Planeten, anstatt auf Geldgier und Verstößen basiert, dann ist dieser am Jahresende geschriebene Beitrag (ursprüngliche Version vom 30.12.2014) für euch! Er ist zweifelsfrei lang, keine Frage. Bitte teilt diesen Artikel in den sozialen Medien (momentan wird er in mehrere Sprachen übersetzt). Ich danke all meinen Lesern für ein großartiges Jahr. Sretna Nova Godina! Frohes neues Jahr!


Ich denke an die Konsequenzen – immer (auch jetzt: wie viele Leute werde ich wohl auf welche Weise verärgern, indem ich das hier schreibe). Ich bin keine Unternehmensberaterin für Szenarienplanung (obwohl ich dazu ganz sicher imstande wäre). Ich sehe manchmal Zusammenhänge auf eine Art, die die meisten Menschen, während sie durch ihr Leben rasen, gar nicht in Betracht ziehen. Was mich antreibt, muss für das Allgemeinwohl sein, und damit ich JA sage, müssen mein Herz und mein Verstand eine perfekte Balance finden! Viele Dinge entfachen meine Leidenschaft und Kompetenz, aber um mich wirklich einzumischen, erfordert es immer Integrität und Authentizität. Dieser Artikel handelt von einem Mengendiagramm, das sich aus der Konvergenz zwischen der kroatischen Wirtschaft und der kroatischen Umwelt ergibt und davon, Manipulation von EU-Bestimmungen verheerende und weitreichende Auswirkungen hat. Er handelt von Kurzsichtigkeit, von augenblicklicher Bereicherung einzelner Individuen und davon, wie deren Habgier – falls nur eine Kleinigkeit schrecklich schiefgehen sollte – einen der größten Schätze der Welt von unversehrt historischem, ökologischem und ökonomischem Wert und die Lebensgrundlage der Menschen, die seit Jahrtausenden von der Adria abhängen, zerstören wird. Dieser Blogeintrag handelt davon, wie man mit eurer Hilfe (bitte, bitte unterzeichnet die Petition und leitet sie weiter an eure Freunde) einen Weg zurück finden und die Dinge für uns alle einerseits so belassen kann, wie es das Kroatische Fremdenverkehrsamt in seinem englischen Werbeslogan ausdrückt: “Das Mittelmeer, wie es einst war“, aber gleichzeitig die wirtschaftliche Situation für die Kroaten verbessern könnte.

Der Travel Channel verweist auf Kroatische Bikinis (im Englischen bedeutet ein „kroatischer Bikini“ textilfrei) und auf Klippensprünge und wenn jeder nur einmal die Freiheit genießen möchte, auf einem perfekt goldenen Sand zu liegen und in einem Meer zu schwimmen, dessen Farbschattierungen von Kobaltblau bis Aquamarin reichen – und Anthony Bourdain dann noch über das Essen spricht und davon, wie schön es hier ist – nun, dann kann man einen Anstieg an Touristenzahlen erwarten. Es wäre eine Untertreibung zu sagen, dass der Einfluss des Tourismus enorm ist und dass er wohl zu den größten Marktsegmenten gehört, die in Kroatien gefördert werden sollten. Und doch scheint die rechte Hand hier nicht zu wissen, was die linke gerade macht (nicht nur in Kroatien), sonst hätte man die Pläne zur Öl- und Gasförderung geblockt. Stimmen sich die kroatischen Minister in ihren Kabinettsitzungen eigentlich ab?

Ich bin in Kroatien, weil ich herausfinden will, ob ich es zu meinem ständigen Wohnsitz machen kann. (Nachdem ich jetzt – nicht sehr glücklich – zurück in den USA bin, habe ich tatsächlich eine Bleibe in Kroatien gefunden). Ich bin jetzt zwar mitten im Winter hier, aber auch ich bin hauptsächlich deswegen hier, weil mich die Adria angezogen hat, genau wie die anderen 11,5 Millionen Menschen, die im Sommer 2012 hierher kamen. Um das ins rechte Licht zu rücken: ein schmaler Landstrich wie Dalmatien beherbergt in den drei Monaten zwischen Juni und August fast das 4-Fache der gesamten kroatischen Bevölkerung.

(Die Hervorhebungen im Folgenden sind von mir).

Auf der ersten Seite des Reiseführers Lonely Planet steht in Bezug auf kroatische Musikfestivals:

“Die kroatische Musikszene floriert und lässt jeden Sommer neue aufregende Events entstehen. Eine herrliche natürliche Kulisse mit idyllischen Stränden, Seen, Wiesen und Waldlichtungen für unzählige begeisterte Festivalbesucher ist so gut wie garantiert“.

Auf der Landing Page des Rough-Reiseführers findet man zu den besten Küstenabschnitten in Kroatien Folgendes:

“Wenn es um die Strände Kroatiens geht, dann ist die beste Empfehlung, immer weiter Richtung Süden zu ziehen: denn die besten und verführerischsten Sandufer, kieseligen Grotten und sonnenverwöhnte Felsen findet man an der Dalmatinischen Küste. In der Tat befinden sich alle Strände, die es auf unsere Liste geschafft haben, in Dalmatien, außer einem einzigen (auf der bezaubernd sandigen Insel Susak in der Kvarner Bucht). Eine umfangreiche Sammlung an anderen schwindelerregenden Destinationen wurde aus einem einfachen Grund nicht auf die Liste genommen und zwar wegen der Erreichbarkeit: solche Inseln wie Korčula, Vis und Šolta rühmen sich mit einer großen Anzahl an himmlischen Buchten (…)“

Kroatien wurde von Fodor`s als die Nummer 1 der Reiseziele genannt, die sich auf dem Vormarsch befinden. Der Wert des Tourismus für die kroatische Wirtschaft ist (wie viele andere Dinge hier) Gegenstand statistischer Angaben, die stark variieren können – gemäß EU sind es 15%, während die Einheimischen ihn auf gar 40% des gesamten Jahresbudgets Kroatiens schätzen. Darko Lorencin, Kroatiens Tourismusminister, sagte, dass die ersten sechs Monate des Jahres 2014 etwa 2,12 Milliarden Euro eingebracht haben, was 2,2% höher ist als im gleichen Zeitraum des Vojahres. Schätzungen zufolge verdankt die kroatische Wirtschaft 69% ihres Einkommens der Dienstleistungsbranche, also etwa der Vermietung von Segelbooten, dem Verkauf in Bars und Restaurants (die z.B. diverse Fische und Meeresfrüchte aus dem kristallklaren Wasser anbieten) und natürlich denjenigen, die sich um frische Bettbezüge und Handtücher kümmern. Wenn man der gleich auf der Eingangsseite zu findenden Aussage der Weltbank zu Kroatiens Wirtschaft Glauben schenken darf, dann gilt:


Kanal von Drvenik, kroatische Adria, Ausblick aus meinem Fenster am 30. Dezember 2014, hier bin ichdahin bin ich geschwommen in den letzten zwei Monaten geschwommen.

Kroatien ist ein ökologisches Juwel in Europa: 47% der Land-und 39% der Meeresfläche sind als Naturschutzgebiete ausgewiesen. Kroatien kann sich mit 19 National- und Naturparks rühmen, darunter mehrere, wie etwa der Nationalpark „Plitvicer Seen“, die zum UNESCO-Weltkulturerbe ernannt wurden. Die Schönheit der kroatischen Natur zieht jedes Jahr Millionen Touristen in ihren Bann und ermöglicht Einnahmen aus dem Tourismus, die 15% des gesamten Bruttoinlandsprodukts ausmachen. Die Erhaltung der Umwelt steht ganz oben auf der Entwicklungsagenda und war eine der Anforderungen bei der Aufnahme in die Europäische Union.“

BP over Adriatic

This map, provided by Richard West, shows the scope of the BP Gulf Oil Spill, aka Deepwater Horizon spill, as overlaid against the Adriatic; it wouldn’t ‘just be’ Croatia impacted but also Italy, Slovenia, Montenegro and Albania.

Nachdem ich nun zwei Monate immer wieder in diesem makellosen Wasser geschwommen bin, ist der Kampf für eine saubere Adria etwas SEHR PERSÖNLICHES für mich geworden! Wie zum Teufel kann man bloß glauben, dass Erdöl- und Erdgasbohrungen in diesen Gewässern eine gute Idee sein könnten? Auch wenn eine der 10 Ölplattformen, die kürzlich eine Bohrlizenz für die kroatischen Gewässer erhielten, keine Umweltkatastrophe in dem von der Deepwater Horizon im Golf von Mexiko verursachten Ausmaß bewirkt (ich wünschte, jemand würde die links gezeigte Karte mit einer ähnlichen Adriakarte überdecken, um aufzuzeigen, was passieren könnte), so wären die Folgen eines viel kleineren Vorfalls auf die sich entwickelnde Filmindustrie (Game of Thrones et al), auf den Tourismus, die Fischerei (die Eurostatzahlen für 2013 beziffern den Exportwert auf 115,2 Mio. Euro), auf archäologische Stätten  (am Meeresgrund) und auf die Kultur, und auch auf den Erhalt der seltenen Delphine, katastrophal – ganz zu schweigen von den Folgen für etwa 50 % der kroatischen Bevölkerung, deren Lebensgrundlage die Adria ist. Welch gravierende Folgen dies hätte, begriff ich erst (am 8. Februar), als ich auf den kompetenten und klugen Nenad Duplančić stieß, einen international anerkannten und höchst gebildeten kroatischen Experten. Falls ihr Kroatisch versteht, dann lest den Post von Dignitea Hvar in eurer Muttersprache, ansonsten verwendet bitte unbedingt ein Übersetzungstool, um die Wichtigkeit seiner Kommentare über die geplanten Bohrungen in der Adria besser zu verstehen.

Für den Rest von euch sei hier nur kurz gesagt, dass neue Bohrinseln in einigen Teilen der USA seit 1969 verboten sind, sodass man langsam versteht, warum internationale Ölkonzerne (um Unternehmensgewinne und Gehälter aufrechtzuerhalten) den Blick auf ärmere Länder richten (die Arbeitslosenquote liegt in Kroatien bei über 23%), um diese auszubeuten und zu zerstören.

Barbara Doric

Barbara Dorić – vielleicht sollte jemand ihre Bankkonten überprüfen?

So wie ich es sehe, sollten folgende Minister der kroatischen Regierung genau das mit jeder Faser ihres kollektiven Körpers bekämpfen: die Kulturministerin, Ministarstvo kulture, Andrea Zlatar, der Wirtschaftsminister, Ministarstvo gospodarstva, Ivan Vrdoljak, (der stattdessen auf Wellen-, Wind- und Solartechnologien schauen und die petrochemische Energie komplett verwerfen sollte, weil diese, wie N. Duplančić aufzeigt, kurz vor ihrem logischen Aus steht), der Minister für Umwelt- und Naturschutz  Ministarstvo zaštite okoliša i prirode, Mihael Zmajlović, der Minister für marine Angelegenheiten, Transport und InfrastrukturMinistarstvo pomorstva, prometa i infrastrukture (MPPI) der Republik Kroatien, Siniša Hajdaš Dončić, der Landwirtschaftsminister, Ministarstvo poljoprivrede, Tihomir Jakovina und selbstverständlich der TourismusministerMinistarstvo turizma oder MINT, Darko Lorencin. Fragt euch doch einmal, warum ein Unternehmen, das auf der italienischen Seite der Adria von der Erdölsuche ausgeschlossen ist, von Barbara Doric, der Vorsitzenden des Kroatischen Kohlenwasserstoffamtes, die Genehmigung dafür bekommt. (Ehrlich gesagt, sollte man ihr für ihre Rolle in diesem ganzen Debakel die Staatsbürgerschaft entziehen und sie dann auf einen sehr dreckigen Strand verbannen). Die Kroaten sind kaum gleichgültig gegenüber der Schönheit und dem Leben, das ihnen ihre Umgebung bietet – oft genug hört man von ihnen den Satz: „Wer kann das hier schon bezahlen?“ und dabei mit einer ausladenden Geste ihrer Arme auf den Anblick, den Promenaden und die Adria bieten, deuten. Verstehen die Italiener vielleicht besser, was alles auf dem Spiel steht?

Saudi-Arabien manipuliert die Märkte, um den Preis des Rohöls künstlich niedrig zu halten und damit croatia nudedie weitere Entwicklung und Ausbreitung von erneuerbaren Energien zu verhindern. Und angesichts der bekannten Gefahren beim Fracking bei der Gewinnung von Erdgas sollte es eigentlich jedem klar sein, dass die petrochemische Industrie nichts in der Nähe eines kroatischen Bikinis zu suchen hat.

Kroatien ist nicht mein Land, dennoch empört mich das Ganze zutiefst und ich hoffe, ihr alle, die das hier lest, seid es auch. Haben die Gier und der unersättliche Konsum von Erdöl und Erdgas nicht schon genug Zerstörung und Krieg mit sich gebracht? Klimaforschern zufolge wird der Anstieg des Meeresspiegels bald ganze Gemeinschaften in Küstenregionen auslöschen. Hallo? Hat sich irgendjemand mal angeschaut, wie viele Einwohner Kroatiens auf Höhe des Meeresspiegels leben? In Europa rechnet man damit, dass die Klimaveränderungen die regionalen Unterschiede im Hinblick auf natürliche Ressourcen und Vermögen vergrößern werden. Die negativen Auswirkungen werden unter anderem sein: ein höheres Risiko von Sturzfluten im Inland und eine erhöhte Anzahl von Überschwemmungen in Küstenregionen, verstärkte Erosion (als Folge von Gewittern und des Meeresspiegelanstiegs). Außerdem wird vorhergesagt, dass Regionen, die ohnehin schon mit Klimaschwankungen (hohe Temperaturen und Dürre) zu kämpfen haben, noch stärker von den Auswirkungen des Klimawandels betroffen sein werden. Darüber hinaus wird durch den Klimawandel die Ressource Wasser knapp und es wird zu negativen Folgen für die Hydroenergie, den Sommertourismus und im Allgemeinen für die landwirtschaftliche Produktivität kommen.

oil croatia

Quelle: Croatia Week online magazine

Das muss aufhören – und zwar jetzt. Am 16. Februar endet die Frist zur Abgabe von öffentlichen Kommentaren, die an die kroatische Regierung gerichtet werden können, hier findet ihr das Formular zum Ausfüllen. Es wurde sorgfältig ins Englische übersetzt, sodass UNABHÄNGIG DAVON WO IHR LEBT, auch Nicht-Kroaten, die sich um unsere Meere sorgen, einen Kommentar abgeben können. Und bitte, macht mit! Wie ihr euch vorstellen könnt, wird dieser Kampf in rechtlicher Hinsicht sicherlich teuer werden, also helft mit, dieses „Schwergewicht zu stemmen“, indem ihr einen kleinen Beitrag zur Initiative „Clean Adriatic Sea Alliance“ beisteuert.

Kroaten haben eine echte Chance, einen Weltstandard in Sachen „sauberer Energie“ im Einklang mit dem Rest ihrer Wirtschaft zu setzen. Aber es bedarf vieler mutiger Menschen weltweit, die sagen: „NICHT HIER, NICHT JETZT, NIEMALS!“, um die Bohrlöcher und die zehn Plattformen zu verhindern. Seid ihr dabei?

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Hannah sea glass

Green glasses.

I write about the uncommon aspects of common things. I write about gratitude and beauty. I write about awareness of the imperceptible in the cacophony of daily life. I write about how we change, and shift in our perceptions based upon experience – and by experience I mean wisdom earned.

Hannah sea glass

My girlfriend Hannah’s sea glass from Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

It is the creation by hand of something long lasting that inspires me most, and even the remnants of those long ago handcrafted items which wash ashore as bits of sea glass, or are found in archeological digs (which sounds so much more impressive than rubbish tips or garbage dumps of our distant ancestors).  The shift I want to write about today is more than 30 years in the making (for myself).  Humankind has drunk from glass vessels for some 3500 years, the first known examples coming from ancient Mesopotamia – now Syria; let the sadness of the destruction of their civil war and ISIS and so forth spill forth just as wine spilled from a broken stem of your grandmothers.


Waterford Tyrone

In my twenties I aspired to own a suite of full lead, hand cut crystal in a pattern called Tyrone from Waterford. My mother made it plain that no one in our family would purchase it for my wedding (though later she had to have their Lismore pattern), but my mother-in-law, Marcia, was of a different mindset. At the time the stems were $31 – $33 and not only did my ex-husband and I receive some for wedding gifts but for Christmas and birthdays thereafter Marcia made sure this was my gift. Ultimately the cupboard held 6 each of Champagne flutes, red wines, and water goblets. I loved everything about them – including that they were special order only and had to wait six months to arrive. They are still gorgeous, and perfect, and have held some very memorable beverages and experiences.

On an entirely different end of the drinking vessel spectrum I also love (Great) Depression Era 20150311_105805petroleum glass – the green. At a time when the world economy was reeling from the stock market crashing, drought, and massive unemployment, and the global social malaise that would propel all of us into World War II, movie theatres (and others) in the United States of my parents youth gave out premiums in the form of this glassware – pitchers, cake plates, dishes, cups, vases and drinking glasses. I can’t recall when I first became aware of the glasses, though both grandmothers had cake plates with the sunflower (or daisy) embossed on them, but about the same time as the Waterford was trickling into my consciousness and then my life so too were optic swirled green glasses. At less than a $1 a piece at estate sales and antique shops and with a history of 50+ years of service behind them I was enchanted – and they came home to be used, not just admired.  Yesterday morning I opened a box recently arrived from eBay with 11 of the largest of these I have ever acquired, and delighted would be an 20150311_110111understatement as with the shipping each hand blown beauty cost less that $2.75. I washed them. I took a picture. I put them next to the other odd green glasses in the kitchen cupboard and truth be told I was ridiculously happy. I discovered that the short ones hold the same volume as the Waterford Tyrone water goblets, at which point I did an online search and discovered that these now sell for $200 a piece – so I washed those, photographed them, wrapped them in the materials used to send the green glasses to me and then I listed them on eBay.

A Martini will taste just as lovely in the short versions of my new, very old, glasses as they did in my Waterford goblets. Wisdom doesn’t preclude an appreciation for the rare and exquisitely crafted, but it certainly embraces when it is time to let go and buy some good gin with the proceeds. ;)

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Wisdom from a distance


Because you NEVER EVER KNOW for sure where the message for self-care will come from, or how it will manifest. We are the recipient and the messenger, and, in the multi-dimensional planes in which we live simultaneously sometimes we are both – at-one-ment.

Originally posted on crystallisingdream:

I’ve gotten used to a certain level of energy over the last month or so.  It seems that gallstones have their benefits.  Today, though, I was more tired than I’d like and as tomorrow is going to be a big day I convinced myself to rest.  More often that not this is not how my inner Aries wants to spend the day…

When I had my last prolonged relapse of M.E I remember a friend saying to me that even the smallest thing I could do that day is a great achievement.  I needed to readjust my measurement of achievement because my ego had been setting the pace and it was time to take direction from elsewhere.

Most of these tired days I remind myself of this but some days, especially when it has followed full and physical energetic days, it’s more difficult to hear. Luckily, a voice from the…

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Never enough Champagne or gratitude.

Today, 16 February, is my birthday. Being born in the dead of winter meant that normal childhood birthday parties were usually pre-empted by mountains of snow brought forth by what is known as a Lake Effect storm in the suburb of Buffalo where I grew up. More often than not my brothers’ hockey, a priority in our family, meant my ‘day’ was altogether ignored; c’est la vie. As I got older, coming at the heels of Valentine’s Day as it does, if I was in a relationship I might receive a bouquet which would serve both holidays – it sucked. In short order I don’t really like my birthday because nothing ever erases the disappointment of our youth in not being made to feel special if only for one day a year.

I sit here, in the early evening of a very nearly perfect 24 hours of my birthday listening to Crosby, CSNYStills, Nash and Young’s “So Far” album; I am eternally grateful to have retained the idealism I possessed when I first heard this in 1977 sitting in the basement of my best friend Eden’s house on Fernwood Drive on Grand Island.

My day started with communications shared at 3AM between Split Croatia, Munich Germany, Seattle Washington (USA) and my phone on my nightstand in Rochester NY – never have I felt so blessed. At 11PM CET tonight the public comment period ended around drilling in the Adriatic, and what we were discussing in these early morning (for me) hours related to what we could do to create a final hours push to encourage more people to rally around keeping the Adriatic devoid of petrochemicals – forever. We are far from done, and the role I step into is the most beautiful gift anyone could hope to possess – a 20150216_155613chance to leverage a lifetime of professional skills, personal commitment and passion, to leave one tiny piece of the world better (and in adhering to the principles of my daily mantra to “leave the room lighter than it was when I came into it”).

Last night one of my two best friends took me out to a lovely, over the top dinner complete with Red Velvet Lava Cake (part of which served as breakfast this morning), laughter and bearing witness to the passage of time, and the promise of the future were also on the menu. This morning my other best friend spontaneously called to invite me out for a cup of tea – which, because she flipped off my landlord (it’s a CRAZY STORY) meant that we got to spend more hours together than 11008884_10204963258935004_716407674_nanticipated. A snow-filled, bitterly cold, bright blue sky day unfolded complete with hauling water in her car to take care of her horses and feeding them carrot-cicles, the further expression of laughter, a synopsis of my 88 days in Croatia and our mutual lofty goals for this year. In each instance celebrating with them and seeing them not as I usually do (at a soul level) but being absolutely with the humanness of my friends. Both of them. Such a blessing.

From predawn to dusk my Twitter feed and Facebook wall have offered up trees (real and those artistic), various memes and emoticons, multi-coloured ballons being released, video of Arctic light, redlipstickbits of poetry, and wishes from people I know really well both virtually and in real life, as well as those that I have never met in person but who somehow love me as if I have lived next door to them all of our lives. There was not a single ‘conventional’ present in sight (my girlfriend Sue gave me a gallon of milk!). Which might seem like I am complaining but, no, I am not – as always I have all that I need. Today I have experienced a kind of abundance that feels so right – a quiet, authentic, exquisite abundance of all the things that really matter in life and I am so grateful.

I did one thing for myself today to celebrate. Late this afternoon I spent a couple of hours in quietude. While sitting in an empty restaurant enjoying a split of Champagne and a bowl of French 20150216_150646onion soup, I reflected on who I am, where I have been and where I am going, and attempted to choke back happy tears – I failed. I failed because as I sat there in a sunbeam, an 80 year old etched crystal Champagne glass sparkling with fragmented light, golden bubbles and everything there is to celebrate about life contained within I received a text message. A man I have loved, from whom I willfully disconnected, sent a simple “HB”.  So much of the next years of my life will be because of his being a messenger, his prompting and his being a protective energy for me, and for that there will never be enough Champagne or gratitude.

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